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The Life and Death of Lauren Conway This is a short prequel to Without Mercy It chronicles the death of Lauren Conway, the woman whose disappearance pre dated the events in the other book It doesn t give any real explanation why Lauren was investigating the Red Rock school, and isn t worth the read. Published as a companion to Without Mercy and released as an eBook, this short narrative is set at Blue Rock Academy and provides a backstory for Lauren Conway and her time at the Academy It resolves some of the issues left from reading Without Mercy and enhances that story Readers who ve finished or who plan to read Without Mercy should definitely check out this eBook. Go Inside The Dark History Of The Blue Rock Academy And Learn About The Twisted Past That Made This School A Hunting Ground For A Ruthless Killerand What Became Of One Of The School S Most Infamous Alumni In This Companion To The New York Times Bestseller WITHOUT MERCY The Life and Death of Lauren Conway is a short story about a young girl at Blue Rock Academy deep in the Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon It is a school for troubled teens with a dark leader and a secret group of followers that will do anything for him, including murder He knows Lauren Conway, a past follower has gathered information and he is determined to stop her escape.Lauren knows she only has a slim chance of escape and takes her chance with determination, still full or fear of being caught and knowing the consequences of being a traitor to this group The plot is all about feelings, especially fear She is determined to expose the evil in the school, if only she can escape Lisa Jackson is one of my favorite authors I really needed of this book. Daring girlI did enjoy the book but expected it to go farther into the story Like was she really dead, who found her, and did they have any kind of trial to follow this to seek charges or revenge Short story Even though this was a short story I enjoyed reading it is specially the last chapter I love her way of putting you into the place and time in the story too bad this wasn t longer This short story was set in my childhood backyard the Siskiyou Mountains I had read Without Mercy a while back and came across this story yesterday Of course I had to read it There are grammatical errors in the first part, but it clears up quickly. I has finished the book Without Mercy and was looking on for books by the author and I found this It s a tie in to the book Without Mercy It s about the girl that is missing Lauren Conway We were not really given much on her in the book well they did explain a bit bit she was the reason for the questions being brought u about the school in the first place, and the man was there to investigate her disappearance Anyways it made the story detailed Gave a in depth feel to it At 60pgs, I felt it was just what was needed for the questions we asked ourselves when we finished the book I was very happy to have got itAND FOR FREE AT THAT That s right has it for free So if you are reading Without Mercy, or are planing on getting it check that out.It really did a swear a lot of stuff I wish people did that when doing books I will always love Lisa Jackson Lisa will always be my favorite author But I think she, Lauren waited too long to get out of the school and well I will shut up now and let others read this short story and find out for themselves But holy shit Therefore, I will always be a Thriller Suspense girl

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