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Misled (Carnal Thirst, #1) I have read several of Sylvia Days books lately, and have enjoyed them all This is one of her earlier works, and contains lots of sex of course Unlike her other books, I acually think the two characters in this novel jump into bed with each other too soon I know, they have been attracted for two years, but I wouldn t mind getting to know them a liiiiittle bit better before they hit the sack.If you like sci fi and vampires, you might want to give it a try. 2.5 stars Sable is a bounty hunter and Derek is a Special Task Force, and for the past 2 years their paths keep colliding, besides their competition, it s unmistakable their attraction for each other But Sable keeps putting him off, until the day he decides to do something about itThis story mixes sci fi and paranormal, Sable and Derek are vampires, and there are several references to space ships and confederations and so on So this being a short story, there isn t much room for world building, but still, it does have a story Sable and Derek aren t all that they seems to be, and they re both involved in unmasking a traitor and so on.I quite enjoyed the story, this 2 sure have chemistry BUTis there a thing as too much sex I know this is a erotica, but still, it was just too much going on. Special Task Force Agent Derek Atkinson Has A Craving For Luscious Vampire Sable Taylor But Sable Is A Bounty Hunter, Which Makes Him Direct Competition In The Capture Of Wanted Criminals Despite The Obvious Attraction Between Them, She Won T Give Him A Chance And After Two Years, He S Tired Of Waiting For Her To Come Around So He S Got A Plan To Give Them Both What They Wanteach Other 3.5 starsSylvia Day is best known for her contemporary romance Crossfire series which I love but she has also written a lot of other stories varying from historical romances to erotic science fiction like Misled and the Carnal Thirst series I snagged this story from months ago when it was offered as a freebie but for some reason probably my mountain of a to be read pile I d hadn t got around to picking it up until recently.Sable is an undercover agent posing as a bounty hunter while she is working a top secret case, she has been in the field for a long time and has to keep her true identity firmly under wraps so that nobody can discover what she is up to Derek is also an Agent but he doesn t know that Sable is undercover They have been attracted to each other for a long time but Sable can t risk starting anything with him in case her cover story is blown Derek has spent two years trying to capture Sable s attention and he is fed up of waiting for her to notice him which makes him very determined to finally make her listen He s owed some time off so he sets out to help her capture her latest bounty, and to prove to her what a fabulous couple they would make.I m going to be upfront and say that as an erotic romance the focus of this story is definitely sex rather than world building I m not saying that s a bad thing, after all it is incredibly hot sex and I definitely enjoyed reading it, but I want to put it out there because if you go into this expecting something else you could be disappointed These characters spend a lot of their time going at it like bunnies in bed, up against the wall or on pretty much any solid surface that is available to them they have scorching chemistry and this story will definitely leave you in need of a cold shower or two Although sex is the main ingredient there is to the story and I did enjoy what we saw of the world and getting to know both of the characters.Misled is a very quick, hot read and it s one I d definitely recommend when you re in the mood for something spicy I have to admit I would have loved it to have been longer so it could have had a little depth but that isn t always what I m looking for and I ll definitely be picking up the sequel Kiss of the Night at some point in the future. This is the first Sylvia Day book I have read, it won t be the last That woman can write some sex and there was a lot of it in this book I liked the story line too LOL I really like this author, so I was surprised that after reading 1 3 of this one I gave it up I can t quite put my finger on it, but it just didn t grab me or could keep my attention I didn t really care for either character In the end this one just wasn t for me. Vampire meets science fiction meets erotica I really don t care for vampires in erotica, I ve just discovered but hey ho As for the rest of my review, please don t let the kids see it okay view spoiler There is a thing called too much sex I think I ve written this once before and I m equally stunned now But perhaps it is a special talent of vampires to be in action mode, then Super Horny, then have all the sex and all the orgasms and be completely depleted of energy, then five minutes after be in focussed action mode once And repeat Because they are at it like rabbits.There s a sex scene, then a couple of paragraphs of something else, then steamy sex with perfect bodies bending and panting and coming and coming and coming once again The most amazing thing is that from the first time together this vampire couple have mind blowingly perfect sex every.single.time And they just can t get enough of each other Sure, some of it got me all hot and bothered, but sadly I m no vampire who jumps from on to off and back to on at lightning speed It s just too much somehow, too much sex.The sex talk itself is okay, but a few words stab my mind horribly cream, rosette, and baby I just can t If you ever have planned to write an erotic novel and intend to make me read it, I fear there might be consequences In particular cream made me want to throw the words out the window, burn them up and bury them deep, because they were like ice cold showers amidst supposedly hot vampire sex Drinking blood right before climaxing really isn t doing it for me either.As characters they are nearly perfect, too, with only minimal flaws not even worth mentioning, and despite a few hiccoughs along the way, they re the perfect couple and barely have any misunderstandings or communication problems in the grand scheme of things.Fascinatingly enough, this is a novella For its length, quite a bit of stuff has been packed into the story, but the plot consists to around 80% of sex, which ends up being too much for me hide spoiler Why did i not read this book sooner It s been a while since i last read a SD book and boy, am i now reminded of how hot her stories could be This book is about sex, sex sex and an interesting story about a kick ass bounty hunter female vamp on a mission and a hunky hot vamp hero who seems to be in the way Both are not what they seem A fast read that would and should make you reach for your B.O.B. This review was posted at Under the Covers Well, it is not often that I say this but there is such a thing as too much sex in a book I usually enjoy Ms Day s writing and the stories she comes up with, but in this mix of paranormal and sci fi I have to say I think the actual storyline fell a bit short.There is a story, it s not all sex 24 7, don t want to give you that impression Sable is a bounty hunter and Derek is some sort of special agent Sable is trying to bring in some big guys and Derek, who is on leave from work is being most helpful Of course the only reason Derek is hanging around is because he s been lusting after Sable for over two years and has decided to finally make her his.But nothing is as it seems There s to Sable and even to Derek than meets the eye, they are not just bounty hunter and special agent That was my favorite twist of the story.They are, however, both vamps And being in close proximity and working together they both have needs to fulfill Blood and sex From the beginning, their relationship means to both of them than just sex but Sable is fighting it every step of the way.But again, like I said, I would ve given this a higher rating had it been a bit less sexual I think when she s trying to fix her ship would probably not have been the most appropriate time for Derek to think damn I have to have her right now Everything should have their place and time and reason shrugs But this may be just me.For a short story it did manage to cover a lot of ground as far as what was going on There s the bad guys Sable is chasing down, Sable is being chased down by someone who wants her dead probably, there s a traitor in the agencies ranks, and then there s also the issue of Sable s maker wanting her to come back to him and playing at being his mate.All in all it was entertaining and since I already got the next one I will be reading it soon. 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