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Does the Center Hold? PDF Epub Does The Center Hold Author Donald D Palmer Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us Containingthan 500 Illustrations, This Topically Organized Introductory Text Presents The Ideas And Issues Typically Covered In Introductory Courses It Aims To Demonstrate That Serious Philosophical Inquiry May Be Perplexing, But Is Ultimately Enlightening And Liberating.

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    Palmer s book organizes philosophy into broad themes and presents a variety of figures, schools of thought, and issues related to these categories epistemology, ontology, ethics, sociopolitical thought, art and aesthetics The selection of thinkers and ideas is pretty diverse considering the traditional bias in Wes

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    I really need to buy my own copy of this book because Palmer is a brilliant writer and teacher.The complexity of Western philosophy is simplified and made interesting through the witty and dexterous storytelling Mr Palmer presents us with The concepts are also accompanied by satirical and often humorous drawings and sketche

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    I think this book explains the basics and history of philosophy fairly well, but I also feel I m not retaining anything I read Probably not a good choice to read straight through needs some exercising so you actually remember what you learned

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    I d like a copy of this book again Philosophy made very brief and easy to understand.

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    Very basic introduction to the main branches of philosophy Not enough details on many topics Maybe if there wasn t so much space taken up by the cartoons, the author could includematerial.

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    A great intro to philosophy book and a great reference book A fun easy read.

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    I took PHIL 101 as a Sopho at a crappy JuCo The text used was nothing but excerpts of original text, WAY over my head.At my 4 year U, this was the text used a fact I knew because I worked in the Campus Bookstore I LOVED flip...

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    Very good and easy to read There where a few places where I felt some theories where overly simplified or summerized in a way that made me not understand them, but introductory books tend to have that sometime...

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    This book is marvelous for beginners to the study of Western philosophers and theories.from Cartesian Dualism to Existensialism, the book is written and illustrated Don t miss these gems in such as way that it s easy to comprehend even the most labrynthine arguments Thanks Padre Mike

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    This book is a great way to introduce philosophy to people who get bored easily There are illustrations by the author that are quite humorous, and the references make up for what is lost in seriousness.

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