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Shattered: Modern Motherhood and the Illusion of Equality If We Live In An Age Of Equality, Why Are Women Are Still Left Holding The Baby Today Women Outperform Men At School And University They Make A Success Of Their Early Careers And Enter Into Relationships On Their Own Terms So It Might Seem That Equality Is In The Bag But Once They Have Children, Their Illusions Are Swiftly ShatteredBecoming A Mother Is A Tremendously Rewarding Experience, But, For All The Current Talk Of Shared Parenting, Women Still Find Themselves Bearing Primary Responsibility For Bringing Up Their Children, To The Detriment Of Everything Else In Their Lives Fathers, Conversely, Are Dragooned Into The Role Of Main Earner, Becoming Semi Detached From Their Families Both Men And Women Put Up Too Little Resistance To This Pressure, Shying Away From Asking What Is Really Best For Themselves And Their Children The Consequences Of This Enduring Inequality In The Home Reach Far Beyond Individuals And Into Society As A Whole A Radical New Approach Is Needed If We Want To Raise Our Children Fairly And HappilyRanging From Antenatal Care And Maternity Leave, To Work Practices, Relationship Dynamics And Beyond, Shattered Exposes The Inequalities Perpetuated By The State, Employers And The Parenting Industry And Suggests Imaginative Ways Forward To Achieve Balanced And Fulfilling LivesRebecca Asher Draws On The Experiences Of Mothers And Fathers In The UK And Around The World In Setting Out A Manifesto For A New Model Of Family Life Engaging And Provocative, Shattered Is A Call To Arms For A Revolution In Parenting

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    This book is a severe warning to those considering becoming parents Although basically a feminist book, it is not too one sided and Asher tries to be fair to men in acknowledging they also suffer from the after effects of birth Asher is farbalanced than other authors of books and articles on th

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    Rebecca Asher is a self proclaimed feminist, and as a man, I have little clue on feminists ideas, but reading this book has made me focus on one The book title, Shattered , and the accompanying subtitle Modern Motherhood and The Illusion of Equality did a really nice job in summarizing the whole thesis I

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    I think we should all send a copy of this book to our MPs with an instruction to read and take action.Much of the beginning of this book did not personally speak to me as we have managed a balance of power and responsibility at home Having said this , it is very true that most fathers are squeezed out of parenting

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    Gives a very clear and convincing narrative explaining how inequality in parenting comes about, the biggest factor probably being the year of leave on decent pay that is often available to mothers after a baby is born but not fathers Really does make you think about how odd this state of affairs is in a country that is agai

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    Fantastic book that should be compulsory reading for all parents, parents to be and politicians Nodded alongtimes than a nodding dog to the persuasive argument Wish I d read this before starting a family Well researched, well argued and articulate.

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    Anyone who has a job, children and another half should read this book And then follow other half around house quoting chunks Other half also has to read too Fascinating But will it change anything

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    See my review here See my review here

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