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The Great Night Epub The Great Night Chris Adrian Petrasrobert.eu Acclaimed As A Gifted, Courageous Writer The New York Times , Chris Adrian Brings All His Extraordinary Talents To Bear In The Great Night A Brilliant And Mesmerizing Retelling Of Shakespeare S A Midsummer Night S Dream On Midsummer Eve 2008, Three People, Each On The Run From A Failed Relationship, Become Trapped In San Francisco S Buena Vista Park, The Secret Home Of Titania, Oberon, And Their Court On This Night, Something Awful Is Happening In The Faerie Kingdom In A Fit Of Sadness Over The End Of Her Marriage, Which Broke Up In The Wake Of The Death Of Her Adopted Son, Titania Has Set Loose An Ancient Menace, And The Chaos That Ensues Will Threaten The Lives Of Immortals And Mortals Alike Selected By The New Yorker As One The Best Young Writers In America, Adrian Has Created A Singularly Playful, Heartbreaking, And Humorous Novel A Story That Charts The Borders Between Reality And Dreams, Love And Magic, And Mortality And Immortality.

About the Author: Chris Adrian

Chris Adrian was born in Washington D.C A graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop, he attended Harvard Divinity School, and is currently a pediatric fellow at UCSF He received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2009 In 2010, he was chosen as one of the 20 best writers under 40 by The New Yorker.

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    This book takes place here My parents used to take me to this park as a kid not often, it was farther away than the Panhandle As a little urban child I thought it was like the real forest And it is the real forest, in The Great Night, the forest that is endless, and dangerous, and beautiful, the forest where

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    Sometimes a book makes me feel utterly inadequate as a reader, and this was one of them It is undoubtedly clever, imaginative and original, but for me much of it made little sense, perhaps because I have never studied A Midsummer Night s Dream and knew nothing whatsoever about the dystopian fantasy film Soylent Gre

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    This book is literally a clusterfuck as in, people and faeries are clustered together Fucking They are also masturbating, having sex with trees, spying on people masturbating, and spying on people masturbating on trees.Well, I see that you re kerflummoxed as to why I gave this book a lowly three stars Truthfully, I was th

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    I admit I was a little worried that The Great Night wouldn t be in the same league with Chris Adrian s other two novels, Gob s Grief nearly great and The Children s Hospital stone cold great Tepid ratings on Goodreads, for instance, coupled with what seemed to me to be a plot description fraught with potential peril gave me paus

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    Jesus, this took me forever I have my reasons, but the upshot is that it was really hard for me to keep this all together, because it s a crazy sprawl I m not sure how much of it was my general distractedness, but honestly I think he was trying to do way way way too much here, with too many characters and too much backstory, esp

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    I give the fuck up I strongly disliked the book as a whole, but the whole cougar teenage boy salad tossing queefing scene made me want to throw my Kindle across the room This book is dreary and tedious as fuck The scenes with Titania and her court were by far the most interesting parts I even liked Demon Puck The humans are just horrible and

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    Basically, Chris Adrian ranks in my personal pantheon of author rockstars I love people who write this way both beautifully, on a sentence by sentence level, and with elements of the unreal incorporated in the text I had about ten years of reading books set exclusively in naturalistic universes, and honestly, I ve come to the conclusion that the uni

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    In this phantasmagorical tale, Chris Adrian reshaped A Midsummer Night s Dream, into a mammoth, messy, tilted, erotic, meandering reimagining of Shakespeare s comedy into an elaborate feast of faeries and monsters, Lilliputians and giants, demons and derelicts, heart broken humans and a group of outspoken homeless people who are staging a musical reenactme

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    The Great Night is one of those rare books that I m impossibly grateful to have found A modern reworking of Shakespeare s A Midsummer Night s Dream, it is conceptually daring, stylistically exciting and presents a view of humanity that is stark and powerful and unlike anything I ve read before.It is Midsummer s Eve in San Francisco s Buena Vista Park, where Obero

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    Chris Adrian had a great premise take A Midsummer Night s Dream and transplant it to San Francisco s Buena Vista Park, people it with three heartbroken losers and a host of fairies, and see what happens I can t quite put my finger on why it completely doesn t work The intersecting backstories of the three characters particularly Molly, who grew up in a large fami

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