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The Zohar Ebook The Zohar By Daniel Chanan Matt Bandcamptomp3.co.uk The First Two Volumes Of The Zohar Pritzker Edition, Translated With Commentary By Daniel C Matt, Cover Than Half Of The Zohar S Commentary On The Book Of Genesis Through Genesis 32 3 This Is The First Translation Ever Made From A Critical Aramaic Text Of The Zohar, Which Has Been Established By Professor Matt Based On A Wide Range Of Original Manuscripts The Extensive Commentary, Appearing At The Bottom Of Each Page, Clarifies The Kabbalistic Symbolism And Terminology, And Cites Sources And Parallels From Biblical, Rabbinic, And Kabbalistic Texts The Translator S Introduction Is Accompanied By A Second Introduction Written By Arthur Green, Discussing The Origin And Significance Of The Zohar Please See The Zohar Home Page For Ancillary Materials, Including The Publication Schedule, Press Release, Aramaic Text, Questions, And Answers.Further Information On The Zohar Sefer Ha Zohar, The Book Of Radiance, Has Amazed And Overwhelmed Readers Ever Since It Emerged Mysteriously In Medieval Spain Toward The End Of The Thirteenth Century Written In A Unique Aramaic, This Masterpiece Of Kabbalah Exceeds The Dimensions Of A Normal Book It Is Virtually A Body Of Literature, Comprising Over Twenty Discrete Sections The Bulk Of The Zohar Consists Of A Running Commentary On The Torah, From Genesis Through Deuteronomy This Translation Begins And Focuses Here In What Are Projected To Be Ten Volumes Two Subsequent Volumes Will Cover Other, Shorter Sections.The Zohar S Commentary Is Composed In The Form Of A Mystical Novel The Hero Is Rabbi Shim On Son Of Yohai, A Saintly Disciple Of Rabbi Akiva Who Lived In The Second Century In The Land Of Israel In The Zohar, Rabbi Shim On And His Companions Wander Through The Hills Of Galilee, Discovering And Sharing Secrets Of Torah.On One Level, Biblical Figures Such As Abraham And Sarah Are The Main Characters, And The Mystical Companions Interpret Their Words, Actions, And Personalities On A Deeper Level, The Text Of The Bible Is Simply The Starting Point, A Springboard For The Imagination For Example, When God Commands Abraham, Lekh Lekha, Go Forth To The Land That I Will Show You Genesis 12 1 , Rabbi El Azar Ignores Idiomatic Usage And Insists On Reading The Words Literally Than They Were Intended, Hyperliterally Lekh Lekha, Go To YourselfSearch Deep Within To Discover Your True Self.At Times, The Companions Themselves Become The Main Characters, And We Read About Their Dramatic Mystical Sessions With Rabbi Shim On Or Their Adventures On The Road, For Example, An Encounter With A Cantankerous Old Donkey Driver Who Turns Out To Be A Master Of Wisdom In Disguise.Ultimately, The Plot Of The Zohar Focuses On The Ten Sefirot, The Various Stages Of God S Inner Life, Aspects Of Divine Personality, Both Feminine And Masculine By Penetrating The Literal Surface Of The Torah, The Mystical Commentators Transform The Biblical Narrative Into A Biography Of God The Entire Torah Is Read As One Continuous Divine Name, Expressing Divine Being Even A Seemingly Insignificant Verse Can Reveal The Inner Dynamics Of The Sefirot How God Feels, Responds And Acts, How She And He The Divine Feminine And Masculine Relate Intimately With Each Other And With The World.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Zohar book, this is one of the most wanted Daniel Chanan Matt author readers around the world.

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    The Zohar is a work of vast depth It is believed to be created by the second century Talmudic sage, Rabbi Simeon bar Yohai and authored by the Spanish Kabbalist, Moses de Leon before 1300 The text presents a mystical interpretation of each chapter and verse of the Torah in a metaphysical reality map of the sefirotic tree of life The sefirot are divine attributes that bridg

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    As a Hebrew student, but non native reader, I found the Pritzker edition of the Zohar to be the best I ve read The Zohar is a work of vast depth, and this edition did not substitute for a lack of knowing the allegorical subtleties of gematria I m sure the editors sought a balance regarding the amount of footnote material presented, give that this edition is 75% notes and 25% conte

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    The current religious publication project most likely to define the age i.e., That was published at the same time the Daniel Matt Pritzker Zohar was published A reference point One of the most interesting books ever published

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    How did the Holy One, Blessed Be He, create lightHe wrapped himself in a Tallit of light Awesome This is an awesome translation of the Zoharan absolute joy to read The mystical tradition of Judaism is worth delving into and this is one awesome book with which to begin.

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    Esoteric comments on the Torah andthe heart of Kabbalah texts As of June 2017 twelve volumes in print

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    This was my go to book of study for those impossibly difficult years It is amazing subject matter.

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    This book is certainly and undertaking to read It is not light reading by any means I bought it because it goes deep into the study and explanation of one of the most important books of the Kabbalistic tradition, Sefe...

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    Am reading this and my eyes are opening to the grace each moment Post Tantra theology and Indian divine systems this provides an amazing platform to bring lucidity to individuals knowledge Very Very rich text Daniel has done a work of 2 lifetimes in o...

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    This is the real stuff Not some esoteric mumbo jumbo This is Kabbalah Every word is a reveleation, a hidden light to explore The translation and presentation is excellent Just for ultra serious students

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    The Zohar Pritzker Edition, Vol 1 by Daniel C Matt 2003

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