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SPQR XI (SPQR, #11) Download SPQR XI SPQR, 11 Author John Maddox Roberts Oknalubliniec.eu Things Are Going Well For Decius Caecilius Metellus He Is Praetor Peregrinus His Cases Will Be Those Dealing With Foreigners, And All Of Italy Is His Province His First Stop Is Campania, Italy S Most Popular Resort District Decius And His Wife, Julia, Are Happy For A Change Of Scenery But The Good Times End When, In A Town Near Vesuvius, A Priest S Daughter Is Murdered Decius Must Find Her Killer And Keep The Mob Off A Young Boy Who Everyone Blames, But Who He Believes To Be Innocent Decius May Have Acquired Prestige, But He S Also Acquired Trouble.

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    I was supposed to read this book two months ago, but a very disappointing discovery with theKindle version prevented me from doing so So I had to order the actual physical book fromand wait for, argh, months.As soon as I started reading the first few pages, I realized one thing and one thing only Under Vesuvius was worth the wait Period Decius yes

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    For me this is the best book in the series that I have read so far The book has hummer, twists and intrigue And, for a small book of just under 200 pages, it packs a punch As well as quality of the mystery itself, the book does well in comparing the life in Ro...

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    Well, this one was fun It kept me guessing and it dangled Cicero in front of my eyes if not fully utilising him a few times And my dear Tiro Cameos, but they counted.Decius, as a man of power, gravitas and pietas is maturing nicely, and working much better than I would have anticipated, based on his early wild Roman days.This is a 5 5 in the context of the series, def

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    I am so sad this series is ending in only twobooks The characters are old friends If you like the Marcus Didius Falco books, give this series a try It s not as overtly funny as Lindsay Davis books, but really well done.

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    Is a pleasure read Maddox Well written nice plot.

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    Another fine addition to a solid, entertaining, and informative Roman era mystery series Decius is at the height of his power, right before Caesar takes over His job is to oversee areas outside Rome in the Italian peninsula, particularly acting as a magistrate Naturally, everywhere he goes is plagued with particularly challenging troubles.This particular mystery wasn t the most cryptic of the series but did

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    I ve read the SPQR books in sequential order up to this book 11 IMHO, this is the best of the series so far A read page turner, it drove me on and on Who did it I never even saw it coming The author writes very tight plots He introduces all the pertinent characters in the beginning so you don t get lost He carries the story of the book before the one you re reading in a short summary in order to keep the reader orien

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Decius cannot seem to go a day without finding a body, in the idyllic, Italian resort town of Baiae, where as the foreign praetor, he must hold court and dispense justice A beautiful, prominent, and much sort after young lady is murdered The seemingly guilty young man, who was one of her suitors, seems, to the experienced eyes of Decius the younger

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