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Crash PDF Epub Crash Author Iain Sinclair Capitalsoftworks.co.uk In This Book, Which Includes A New Interview With Ballard Who Wrote The Book On Which The Film Was Based, Sinclair Explores The Temporal Loop Which Connects Film And Novel, And Asks Questions Such As To What Extent Is Crash A Premonition Of Some Of The Remarkable Media Events Of Recent Times In The BFI MODERN CLASSICS Series.

About the Author: Iain Sinclair

Iain Sinclair is a British writer and film maker Much of his work is rooted in London, most recently within the influences of psychogeography.Sinclair s education includes studies at Trinity College, Dublin, where he edited Icarus, the Courtauld Institute of Art University of London , and the London School of Film Technique now the London Film School.His early work was mostly poetry, much of i

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    Overwrought and no where NEAR as smart as it thinks it is, this is a poor book.It would have benefited if Sinclair had not spent only 30% of the book actually talking about Crash instead of examining Ballard s other works and foray...

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    Poet novelist essayist filmmaker Iain Sinclair, in his BFI Film Classics book about David Cronenberg s Crash, takes a imaginative, literary approach than the academic analysis, film criticism, and or journalism favored by most of the other writers in the series Sinclair absorbs Cronenberg s 1996 adaption of J.G Ball

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    It s interesting in that it examines the work of CRASH as a whole both Ballard s novel and Cronenberg s film but it s not nearly as smart nor as successfully academic as it believes it is, which makes large chunks of it extremely tiresome.

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    A rhapsodic meditation on the mythology of Crash in its entirety.

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