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Madame Doubtfire Lydia, Christopher And Natalie Are Used To Domestic Turmoil Their Parents Divorce Has Not Made Family Life Any Easier In Either Home The Children Bounce To And From Their Volatile Mother, Miranda, And Their Out Of Work Actor Father, Daniel Then Miranda Advertises For A Cleaning Lady Who Will Look After And Mind The Children After Work And Daniel Gets The Job, Disguised As Madame Doubtfire This Bittersweet, Touching And Extremely Funny Book Inspired The Highly Successful Film Mrs Doubtfire , Starring Robin Williams

About the Author: Anne Fine

Though readers often find themselves inadvertently laughing aloud as they read Anne Fine s novels, as she herself admits, a lot of my work, even for fairly young readers, raises serious social issues Growing up is a long and confusing business I try to show that the battle through the chaos is worthwhile and can, at times, be seen as very funny In 1994, this unique combination of humour and realism inspired the hit movie MRS DOUBTFIRE, based on Anne s novel MADAME DOUBTFIRE and starring the late comedic genius Robin Williams.Anne is best known in her home country, England, as a writer principally for children, but over the years she has also written eight novels for adult readers Seven of these she describes as black or sour comedies, and the first, THE KILLJOY, simply as dead black These novels have proved great favourites with reading groups, causing readers to squirm with mingled horror and delight as she peels away the layers in all too familiar family relationships, exposing the tangled threads and conflicts beneath It s perhaps not surprising that Anne has openly expressed astonishment at the fact that murder in the domestic setting is not evencommon Anne has writtenthan sixty books for children and young people Amongst numerous other awards, she is twice winner of both the Carnegie Medal, Britain s most prestigious children s book award, and the Whitbread Award Twice chosen as Children s Author of the Year in the British Book Awards, Anne Fine was also the first novelist to be honoured as Children s Laureate in the United Kingdom In 2003, Anne became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and was awarded an OBE Her work has been translated into forty five languages.Anne Fine lives in the north of England and has two grown up daughters.

10 thoughts on “Madame Doubtfire

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    I saw the movie so many times that I lost count I love it, it is so funny.That being said, I don t like the book very much It s not funny at all I really don t know about divorce at all In this book, it is horrible The parents are always fighting with e

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    Not really a bad book that being said it s very misleading It offers the promise of being really funny but instead it s just incredibly sad, as the children in the story are thrown around through their parents messy divorce And if you ve ever seen the 1990 s Rob

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    The book is good but the movie is better I mean being a bookworm it does not mean you stick to the idea that the book shall always better than the movie over, there was Robin Williams in it and you know how perfectly he pulls of Danielle there.who does not like a movie R

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    I don t think I would have enjoyed Madame Doubtfire even as a kid The emotionally fraught parts of it probably wouldn t have bothered me the family torn apart by divorce, etc, though it would bother some children but I would have been too embarrassed by the whole charade for word

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    I didn t know there was a book that inspired the movie until I watched the special features of Mrs Doubtfire on DVD I went out and got the book right away and started reading it The chapters are long but you wouldn t know that from reading this book The story flows so eloquently that it s

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    A 3 star rating to me is somewhere between a 5.5 and 7 on a 10 point scale The movie ruined the book for me It is one of my favourites and I can watch it over and over again Robin Williams is brilliant and so this the movie s added feature of Dan being a voice actor I think that gave the story a l

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    More like 2.5 Stars This was probably the harshest not to say it wasn t fairly well written , most depressing kid s book I ve read A realistic and extremely uncomfortable portrayal of the effects of a nasty divorce aftermath on the children being yanked in both directions That said, I ll stick with the mov

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    The film is better than the book It was a bit of a shock to find out that it was firstly a book and secondly by an author that I have read a couple of books of as a child I can t say i was into her books much back then Thirdly it is most definitely British and written in the way books were back in the early 90s and

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    I think it wasehnot as good as the movie Then again, they never are.Daniel lied saying he had a job as a nude modelGloria s neighbor name in the movie is Mrs Hooper in the bookMiranda has red hair 37 Chapter 3, everyone fears MirandaMiranda worked at Hillard s lighting Emporium, while in the movie, Miranda was an interior d

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    I am sadly currently writing this review in the wake of Robin Williams death Williams was a truly marvellous actor and comedian, and I feel Hollywood, as well as the world, has lost a true gem tonight.I m not going to lie, I remember being incredibly confused reading this when I was a kid I adored the movie, so when I heard it had b

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