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My Side of the Story Am I the only person who HATED this book I read about half of it, and couldn t stand it any It left me depressed beyond belief, and I don t know why other people think it s so amazing. The prose gave me a migraine It was like reading a disorganized essay written by someone only partially literate. Download My Side Of The Story Will Davis Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Jaz S Parents Have Just Discovered He S Gay Now He S Being Shipped Off For Therapy, Mocked By A Gang Of Delinquent Neo Nazi Schoolboys, Disapproved Of By His Whiter Than White Sister And Worst Of All, Keeps Meeting His Geography Teacher In The Local Gay Club. boring this book should have totally been in the teen section of the library rather than LGBT fiction.coming out stories get so tired the only think that kept me reading was the well done cover art and my obsessive ang Un po commedia un po racconto adolescenziale Non sar un capolavoro della letteratura, ma io me lo sono proprio goduto questo libro.Due soli appunti.Uno Il tormentone o cosa sarebbe stato tale anche ripetendolo la met delle volte.Due Non I did not like this book The characters were really unlikable, ridiculously immature and the language pretty annoying I m a youth worker and I really do not agree with such a negative and weird view of young people or is there something about British teens I do not get All this complete lack of empathy depth and careless attitude about drugs, sex and everything Th This was an interesting read The story wasn t half bad, but the main character was kind of a douche, and he didn t really care Any attempt to show any actual emotion seemed fake, so I couldn t really connect with him Style of writing was really cool just wish I d been able mak Not sure where to place this one The language is too coarse to be aimed at a teenage audience It s too whiny teenager to be an adult book It s certainly not as incredibly funny as some people seem to think 70 pages in, I couldn t bear it any longer. Sono fatti cos , i ragazzi A dire il vero sono tutti cos Si copiano gli uni con gli altri Non che fanno quello che gli dicono di fare, perch non c bisogno che glielo dicano, fanno semplicemente quello che tutti gli altri, secondo loro, pensano che dovrebbero fare.Ennesimo romanzo di formazione che mi ritrovo tra le mani, dai soliti ingredienti e con un ovvio richiamo all Holden di Salinger, ma in fondo molto godibile e non facilmente dimenticabile.Jaz ha sedici anni, odia il suo nome e il mondo intero la madre ossessiva, il padre passivo, la sorella perfetta religiosa integralista, i bulli della scuola, l incoerenza dei professori e l incoerenza di tutti gli uomini che incontra nei locali gay, che in fondo un po la stessa I presupposti sembrano scontati, ma l autore, al suo primo romanzo, pur tradendo sin da subito la derivazione salingeriana del suo stile, riesce a restituire un prodotto abbastanza originale, genuino La narrazione molto diretta e fluida, prima persona e tempo presente, l ideale per il racconto scanzon I only made it about halfway through this one before giving up Perhaps the fact that it was advertised as being like Catcher in the Rye should have clued me in, because I hated that book This one as far as I read it was acres of angsty, irritating teen inner monologue, and when I found my attention drifting every paragraph or so, I just gave up The main character wasn t very likeable, I

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