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A Moonlit Night It Was Supposed To Be A Good Night, As Emily Johansson Celebrated With Her Friends She Had Just Been Accepted Into The College Of Charleston, And Was About To Begin The Rest Of Her Life That S When The Past Caught Up With Her Vampires Had Descended On The Town, And They Were All Searching For Her.A Moonlit Night Is A Paranormal Tale Of Romance And Suspense Night Is Coming, And If Emily Hopes To Survive The Dark, She Needs To Find The Strength Hidden Deep Within Her.

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    Writing needs work Much of the phrasing sounds forced.

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    I just don t know what to say about this one honestlyI was in the mood for something of the YA paranormal variety, so I decided to tackle one of the hundreds of free books sitting on my Kindle I randomly came across A MOONLIGHT NIGHT and selected it, without any idea of the concept beyond what I could gather from the cover.So, we meet this girl, Emily, who is about to move away after graduation and...

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    This is a short story from A Moonlight Night Saga Episodes 1 Although it is a short story it is still a very good book I loved it and would have liked for it to be longer But I guess that is why it is Episode 1 Emily goes out to bar nightclub with her brother and two of her friends to celebrate her acceptance into The College of Charleston While at the bar she goes outside to get some fresh air At first she is

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    A Moonlit Night opens with a couple being chased by something and being forced to have a car wreck Emily is at a bar with her brother and friends celebrating getting into college She has a shot then begins to hear scream or voices in her head that she can t understand Suddenly across the bar she sees a mysterious stranger who she finds very attractive and seems to disappear in minutes When she goes outside for some

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    I really Like this short Story The characters are great I cant wait to see why Emily is so important and I really hope to seeof Steven What a great brother XANDER YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY That one is so wrapped up in mystery i just want to unwrap that mystery layer by yummy layer WINK Simoen, Jacob and George are nasty and i want to see them get their butts stomped This story has a great amount of mystery and action And it wil

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    I started reading this book and the first pages about the mom and dad was so exciting, that I wanted to keep reading.Fast forward a fews a fews years, the parents was killed that night, and left two kids.Emily and Steven are adults and everything they k...

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    That was short. interesting but doesn t flow well

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    I love this book so much

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    It s okay I like how it was going but it was way to short I don t like that it was in episodes It should have been longer anddetailed.

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    Read like a 5th grade level book, even the plausibility

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