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The Skies of Pern (Pern, #16) Reading The Skies Of Pern Pern, 16 Author Anne McCaffrey Wgf2011.eu The Long Awaited New Dragonriders Of Pern Novel From Bestselling Author Anne McCaffreyIt Is A Time Of Hope And Regret, Of Endings And Beginnings The Red Star, That Celestial Curse Whose Eccentric Orbit Was Responsible For Thread, Has Been Shifted To A Harmless Orbit, And The Current Threadfall Will Be The Last Technological Marvels Are Changing The Face Of Life On Pern, And The Dragonriders, Led By F Lessan, Son Of F Lar And Lessa And Rider Of Bronze Golanth, And Tia, Rider Of Green Zaranth, Must Forge A New Place For Themselves In A World That May No Longer Need Them.But Change Is Not Easy For Everyone There Are Those Who Will Stop At Nothing To Keep Pern And Its People Pure And Now A Brand New Danger Looms From The Skies And Threatens A Catastrophe Of Unimaginable Proportions Once Again, The World Looks To The Dragons And Their Riders To Save The World But Now, As The Friendship Of F Lessan And Tia Begins To Bloom Into Something , Unforeseen Tragedy Strikes A Tragedy Destined To Forever Change The Future Not Just Of The Two Young Lovers, But Of Every Human And Dragon On Pern.

About the Author: Anne McCaffrey

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Skies of Pern (Pern, #16) book, this is one of the most wanted Anne McCaffrey author readers around the world.

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    A solid end to the series It did a good job of wrapping a lot of stuff up without feeling too pat Plus it tells its own action filled by McCaffrey s standard tale.

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    Originally published on my blog here in December 2001.This latest Pern novel reads as though it is meant to round off the series It is one of the most successful series of novels in science fiction, both long running and consistently high selling The general trend has been for the novels to becomelike soap opera episodes as time passes a trend matched by th

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    Three starsIt has been a long time since I ve read anything by Anne McCaffery may she rest in peace and so perhaps this later book in the Pern series was not the best choice for me to use as a means to jump back into her series The last McCaffery book I read was Dragonsong Harper Hall of Pern series and I remember it fondly as an interesting and well written work I

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    I read the Pern series ages ago, but I think I missed this one so it was the last book on my list for 2007 It was a great read I had forgotten how much I love McCaffrey s telepathic dragons and their riders Her story figured on two dragon riders, one shy and new rider and one the lead dragon rider with a history of bravery and leadership Their slow courtship also brought the

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    This is a suitable ending for this incredible series It s sad to know that you ve reached the last book but it s by no means their end, it s a new beginning This book just keeps throwing out the perfect amount of action and build throughout It opens nicely and introduces some fresh new perspectives on top of our usual favourite characters It keeps the action rolling and builds fantas

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    Well onto the current path F lar and Lessa lead Pern s Dragonriders into an unknown future one in which Dragons might not be needed In the meantime the rest of the population is enjoying the advance products as a by product of AIVAS plan to shift the Red planet s orbit There are exceptions of course and these band together to again revive the Abominators simply put terrorist who wish to destr

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    There were scenes in this book that I remember as vividly as if I had read them recently, but I didn t remember the overall plot And I didn t remember the plan I think I liked it a lot better this time.

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    Another good bookThis is another book in the amazing Pern series It once again has some adult themed parts but overall I love the story of Pern that Ane McCaffrey has woven.

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    Sometimes when I read this book I just skip through reading the romance storyline between the two main characters Bronze rider F lessan son of F lar and Lessa and Tai, a green rider.For a time I disliked the rediscovery of computers and scientific knowledge because it change...

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    I cherish this series for the flawed characters and the on going questions of what entails a good society In this volume, McCaffrey circles back to the questions of how to deal with those who disrupt and cause violence in society, how much technology and change is good, and how techno...

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