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A Dark Kiss of Rapture (Renegade Angels, #0.5) Reading A Dark Kiss Of Rapture Renegade Angels, 0.5 Author Sylvia Day Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Of All The Fallen, Raze S Hungers Are Some Of The Darkest And Most Insatiable His Brazen Seductions Cost Him His Wings, Leaving Him Soulless And Immortal, The Most Dangerous Of Seducers He Has Roamed The Earth For Eons, Hunting The Rogues Of His Kind And Protecting The Humans Who Provide Him With Blood And Sex He Is Content With His Life And The Transient Pleasures That Flow Through It Until One Night And One Woman Change Everything.Kimberly McAdams Is Smart, Beautiful, And Wealthy She Can Have Any Man She Wants, But The Moment She Sets Eyes On The Lethally Stunning Raze She Knows He S The Man She Needs As One Searingly Erotic Night Burns Into Something Deeper And Far Vital Than Either Of Them Expected, An Adversary From Raze S Past Sees A Chance For Revenge Twisted By Hatred, She Will Take From Raze What Was Taken From Her The Precious Gift Of Love 19,500 Word Count

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    The only good thing I can say for this book is that it was short I m not typically one to strongly dislike a book but for this I have to make an exception Fallen angels who lost their wings and souls for falling in love with a mortal So they are turned into Vampires And what the

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    3.5 not so happily ever after starsSo earn me I won t mind the effort, I assure you The effort I expend will likely leave you hobbled in the morning, he said harshly You have no idea what I need to get through tonightKeeping this review short just like the book A Dark Kiss of Rapture was

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    This is technically book 0.5, but I m glad I read it after book two because I feel like it made me enjoy itthan I would have otherwise Reading this before book one would have made it lose its punch I would have b...

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    Raze is one of the Fallen, an angel fallen from grace, stripped of its wings and soul, leaving behing an immortal blood drinker who cannot procreate He is the only one of the 200 Fallen who has never experienced the love of a human He has insatiable appetites of another kind though, and feeds them nightly Raz

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    Being drawn into a battle he was not prepared for yet, Raze went to Chicago to see just what the minions had in mind for him Knowing it might be a trap, he called on the Angel Adrian that was tasked with keeping the Fallen Vampires alive to live with their punishment Looking for a release and a distraction for the nigh

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    Rating 2 out of 5There was nothing special about this book It was so average and boring, that I was close to giving it 1 star The good thing was, a it is was free, b it is short.The characters are characterised below Raze a paranormal law enforcement agent Big, strong, dangerous Insatiable appetite Used to one night stands in fa

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    A Dark Kiss of Rapture A Quick Bit of Bollock All,like writing this review will probably take me longer than my reading did How this has managed to get an average rating of 3.68 on Goodreads is beyond me I can only imagine that there are an awful lot of significantly time challenged and very easily pleased people out there This would appe

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    I am still a bit confused to tell you the truth This story is a short story with all the characters that were introduced there was no background on them It was hard to keep straight who was who what they did The romance part of the story was the only part that made sense Although with the 3 main sexual encount...

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    1 star, sadlyWeeelllUmmmm yeahit s an okay read for me I haven t read paranormal romances for quite sometime now, and this one has been in my TBR list since last year So, yeah..this book is good for weekend reading I didn t love it nor hate it but this one, is just not a hit for me.

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    It was a little confusing about the differences between the angels, watchers, fallen, etc I had to keep flipping back to the glossary in the beginning to keep everything clear.

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