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Mine KINDLE Mine Author Georgia Beers Viagraonl1ne.us What Happens When You Ve Already Given Your Heart And Love Finds You Again Three Years After Courtney McAllister Loses Her Partner In A Car Accident, She S Finally Trying To Move Forward She S Even Dated Half Heartedly Over The Past Year, But No One Is Able To Penetrate Her Emotional Barricades Until She Meets Aggressive Real Estate Broker Rachel Hart Despite Rachel S Cool Facade, Courtney Is Drawn To Her When She Isn T Furious With Her Still, Despite An Undeniable Attraction, Courtney Has Given Her Heart Once And Doesn T Have Room For That Kind Of Love In Her Life Again Rachel Isn T Looking For Love, Especially Not With A Woman Who Belongs To Someone Else, And Taking Second Place Has Never Been Her Long Suit.

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    I am going to be very fast and especially very clear the books of Beers I wouldn t bother to make a review of each of her books You can go there with your eyes closed, everything is good, her writing, her stories , her characters, everythin

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    I m sorry, I know it s hard to get over the death of a loved one but this book was crappy and painfully annoying I felt sorry for Rachel throughout this book, right until the end she was competing for Courtney s absolute and complete love which she d

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    Georgia Beers is one of my absolute favourite writers, and this one is really good

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    English is not my first, so apologize in advance for any grammar error.This is the first time I read Gerogia Beers novel and I can said I m pretty happy I picked this book.The story is clear and the conflict is clear Beside the main story, the main character have their

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    Lovely story but I ll probably forget about it quickly There is nothing that makes it stand out and that cover is so damn ugly

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    1.5Extra.5 because I actually made it to the end Big fan of Beers work but this was just boring as f ck.

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    Reading this book is honestly so frustrating Both heroines are awesome I love them both from the very beginning of the story But there just aren t enough intimacy or intimate moments throughout the story Overall, it feels as though the author had wasted two very awesome...

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    I m a sucker of such type of stories where moving on is the right thing to do but your heart is not ready to let go it s easy to have an opinion to ask other to move on when they are not even close to what the other person is feeling emotional dilemma...

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    F F romanceWho needs therapy when you can just lie down on the couch and pull out a lez romance AND DROWN in an over processing sea of grief, therapists, and emotionally unavailable lesbos Good lord There s barely plot in this one Just emotional landscape Seriously This is just kinda depressing And not even particularl

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    Ah now this is where my true colours appear to come out I m a sucker for romance I picked this book up becausekept telling me I d like it and then it was staring at me when I was shopping one afternoon at AfterStonewall displaying the cover definitely makes a difference when you have 10 foot tall bookshelves crammed with lesbian

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