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The Iliad PDF Epub The Iliad Author Homer Natus The Iliad Is One Of The Two Great Epics Of Homer, And Is Typically Described As One Of The Greatest War Stories Of All Time, But To Say The Iliad Is A War Story Does Not Begin To Describe The Emotional Sweep Of Its Action And Characters Achilles, Helen, Hector, And Other Heroes Of Greek Myth And History In The Tenth And Final Year Of The Greek Siege Of Troy.

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    What I learned from this book in no particular order 1 Victory or defeat in ancient Greek wars is primarily the result of marital spats and or petty sibling rivalry in Zeus and Hera s dysfunctional divine household.2 Zeus the father of gods and men is a henpecked husband who is also partial to domestic abuse.3 If you take a pretty girl who is the daughter of a priest of Ap

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    I have conquered The Iliad I can truly call myself a Greek Mythology lover now.Angst, love, honor, angst, family, drama, death, angst Did I mention angst No, I m not talking about Beverly Hills, 90210 Oh Ancient Greece, you were a very mixed up angsty place.This is basica...

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    Pablo Picasso spent his entire life trying desperately to do something new, something unique He moved from style to style, mastering and then abandoning both modern and classical methods, even trying to teach his trained artist s hand to paint like a child.In 1940, four French teens and a dog stumbled upon a cave that had lain hidden for ...

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    At my college graduation, the speaker was a gruff professor He was one of those older men whom people somewhat patronizingly describe as a teddy bear to convey the idea that while he looks like Santa Claus, they wouldn t be surprised to see him arraigned on assault charges at the local courthouse I liked this professor in general, and his graduation speech was a grand warm congratulation

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    I m often kept up at night brooding on my troubles, wishing I could find some solace that would help me sleep But now I know that the best way to keep insomnia at bay is to get out of bed, hitch up my chariot, tie the corpse of my mortal enemy to the back, and drive around for a few hours, dragging him, until I cheer up and can go back to sleep The Iliad is unmatched, in my reading, for works

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    TROY VI THE INVENTION OF ACHILLESThe Classics, it is the ClassicsWilliam Blake is said to have exclaimed, with pointed reference to Homer, that Desolate Europe with WarsBlake s exclamation might not be as atrocious as it sounds at first There might be some truth to this, a universal truth.Significantly however, this is not how the ancients understood it They understood war as the catastrophe that

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    Read as part of my degree and as part of my love of classics, however it didn t compare to The Odyssey which I adored possibly due to the lack of mythological creatures and ratherbattles and lists of ships and names, which made it that much harder to struggle through Still a great read as one of t...

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    After reading The Illiad I faced a quandary how do you review one of the most important and enduring works of creativity in human history What can you say that hundreds of thousands of others haven t My answer to this question is that I must join the chorus of those who have come before me and sing the praises of what is one of the best stories I have ever read, as fascinating and gripping now as it no doubt was

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    The story of the siege of Troy is one of heroism and tragedy There are so many unforgettable characters here both gods and heroes that it is like watching an old black and white movie with those incredible crowds like in Ben Hur You can see the vast encampment of Greeks around Troy, you can smell the cooking fires and hear the laughter in the camp the jeers at the wall and the frustration on both sides as the siege g

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