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The Old Patagonian Express The Old Patagonian Express Tells Of Paul Theroux S Train Journey Down The Length Of North And South America Beginning On Boston S Subway, He Depicts A Voyage From Ice Bound Massachusetts To The Arid Plateau Of Argentina S Most Southerly Tip, Via Pretty Central American Towns And The Ancient Incan City Of Macchu Pichu Shivering And Sweating By Turns As The Temperature And Altitude Rise And Plummet, He Describes The People He Encountered Thrown In With The Tedious, And Unavoidable, Mr Thornberry In Lim N And Reading To The Legendary Blind Writer, Jorge Luis Borges, In Buenos Aires Witty, Sharply Observed And Beautifully Written, This Is A Richly Evocative Account Of Travelling To The End Of The Line.

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    Apart from the occasional quick dash on the Metro, I haven t had much of a train life, as never really needed them I do however recall the nostalgic memory of my first ever train ride aged about five, sitting on board just prior to departure I was excited and couldn t keep still, waiting for something extraordinary to happen, but the most euphoria I got was when

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    I suppose Paul Theroux s travel writing isn t for everyone If you don t like his traveling persona you aren t likely to enjoy his books That being said, I like his traveling persona, so every travel book is a pleasure and there are still books to be read But I decided to read The Old Patagonia Express because a friend reminded me that he travels to South America in th

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    I am willing to change my mind Someone said that they liked the descriptions of this travel novel but would hate to have to go anywhere with this author I would prefer to hear about these places through the perspective of someone else Theroux is hard to read not due to the complexity of his prose, but because of his voice He is stuck up, self aggrandizing, and misanthropic

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    Yes, he is a curmudgeon but I still love his books.This one in particular fed into my wish to someday travel I was a poor student who thought travel was only for the rich I didn t realize you could do it cheaply if you don t mind a few discomforts It gave the information I needed to take journeys that expanded my world view.The book reads like a diary of his travel from Boston

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    My third Paul Theroux book Last year I first came across Theroux s non fiction work The Happy Isles of Oceania Paddling the Pacific 1992 which I thoroughly enjoyed Theroux was travelling through almost all of the Pacific nations and went paddling here and there Then I read his fiction work The Mosquito Coast 1981 Theroux s voice sounds radically diff...

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    I hate not finishing books, but this might be one of those I cannot finish Or perhaps I ll finish it just to cement my bad opinion of it.I first read Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux and must add that this was several years ago I absolutely adored it at the time I thought I would like this one just as much, and have been dying to buy it for a long time now The author walks you through ev

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    There are parts in this book which I find brilliant, funny, entertaining, and even deep A description of reading Lovecraft on a train full of people that probably thought the name referred to something naughty is quite good for example It s just a little too much of this book I think I might have liked itin shorter form because in the end it was starting to f...

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    This is probably my second re read of Paul Theroux s travel classic of a railroad journey from Boston to as far south as he could go in the Americas By now, many of the trains he describes no longer exist so he has produced, at the very least, a valuable historical document The Old Patagonian Express By Train Through the Americas is an unusually snarky look at Latin America and its people, but the

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    why anybody would want to waste their time reading this judgmental, curmudgeon of a book by a guy who doesn t even want to visit anything, yet is so cocky in calling himself a traveler and not a tourist, is...

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    I had arrived in Patagonia, and i laughed when I remembered I had come here from Boston, on a subway train that people take to work Call me a fanatic of Theroux s work, but travel writing isn t always about Sugar coating your experiences with Wows and Awes Paul is undoubtedly the Best in his class and he is never afraid of calling a place what it actually is.In The Old Patagonian Express, Theroux takes us o

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