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Secrets Drarry FanficBeginning With Draco S Unexpected Arrival At The Dursleys, Harry S Summer Becomes Filled With Activity And Many Secrets He Generates Several Unexpected Allies As He Finds Himself Actively Becoming The Leader Of The Light Side.Words 390,438 Complete

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    Ok, truth fact, the writing here is not great It s not so bad that I had to put it down, but it s no J.K Rowling and it pales in comparison to a lot of the really good Glee fanfiction I rea

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    I just discovered this mammoth of a fic, which was completed before Deathly Hallows was published I love the nuances of the characters and how beautifully everything comes together The story spans ab

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    I have accepted this as the new canon over Deathly Hallows Thank you, JKR, for giving us a wonderful world to play in and thank you, fandom writers such as Vorabiza, for continuing the story in your own, diffe

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    DUDE MAN I can t express how I feel about this monster of a fic because a monster it is, reading 400k in three days is not a good idea, I just know this fic is going to infiltrate my dreams it will also probably feel li

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    Any fic that doesn t need to have any Weasley Dumbledore bashing to have the Malfoys on the Light side and still leave everyone sans harry flabbergasted is worth it in my opinion Well that and some well placed humor, which this f

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    For me it was like what it would be if Harry was an even better person Too good to be real but still awesome

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Should ve been about 650 pages shorter, and contained a lot less of them randomly saying fuck you and having corny, repetitive conversations.

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    First Full Re Read 18 May 2016 I ve been re reading some of my favorite Drarry fics lately, and this one made the list The baby is really the only thing I had a hard time with this time around, but given that she s the reason for everything to be able to happ

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    This fanfiction is one that I thoroughly enjoyed The writing was not phenomenal but the story carried itself enough for a reader to be able to look past the scenes that make you want to roll your eyes The romantic relationship between Harry and Draco developed very slo

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    I loved this book so much that I have been stuck rereading parts It has taken so much of my attention that I don t know how I m going to unglued myself from it and start reading something else I hate love when that happens Biggest disappointment is that I can t download it I can

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