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Winter Games A short and sweet read.Winter Games is a really nice read that details the story of two former lovers, in both the present and fifteen years earlier The stories are told simultaneously, and this is generally handled well There were a few instances of awkw I ve read most of Gold s novellas and this is my favourite so far, with an evocative setting, memorable characters, and a plot that keeps you guessing I loved the way it jumped back and forth in time. A short and very enjoyable story about a snow leopard who can t let go of the past Or rather, the past is coming to get him.I started this book with low expectations, as it wasn t part of a series, and it s length made me doubtful as if this story was gonna be You know, rich But oh was I proven wrong Maybe not as in depth as the Dev and Lee series, but this has nothing to be jealous of Hooking you from the get go with a myste I was a little lazy with picking up this book since it s one of Kyell Gold s Singles and not being part of a series, meaning no long term investment in the characters or repercussions of their actions However, as if to counter that logic, he creates a time lapse of 15 years, showing how the actions of when the 2 main characters when they were kids would impact their life later on as he switches back and forth, only revealing as much as barely needed to maintain a suspense of trying to figure out exactly why they drifted apart.Compared to the books of his series, I believe this may be a little weaker, and the ending certainly left me feeling just a bit unsatisfied Mostly since it wouldn t leave a sort of cliffhanger for another book or such, but just wrapped everything up in a moderately satisfying ribbon I still enjoyed it though, as the characters had some depth to them for being a 1 shot book, and I always enjoy his writing style as he makes everything easy to Reading Winter Games Kyell Gold Nature Explore.eu Sierra Snowpaw Is Just At The Lonnegan Ski Resort Looking For A Good Time You Can Trust Him If He Doesn T Talk A Lot About His Past, Well, A Lot Of Guys Have Done Things They D Rather Forget A Lot Of Guys Have Been Through Things They D Rather Forget, Too He S So Nice That It Isn T That Weird When He Asks About Some Of The Other Guests Not Like A Cop, Though, Or A Fed Well, Okay Maybe A Little Like That One Guy From That Movie Maybe He S Off Duty, Settling A Score On His Own Time.Or Maybe He S The Guy On The Run Come To Think Of It, He Looks Around Corners Like Someone S After Him, Too But You Know, Some Guys Are Chased By Nothing Than The Ghosts Of Their Past

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