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Senna Versus Prost Great bookExcellent book that takes you back to those days Very good book full of history and perspective Enjoyed it intensely Malcolm Folley digs deep and presents to us this riveting tale of not only the famed Senna Prost rivalry, but a chronicle of Formula 1 in the 80s and early 90s The evolution of both the legendary drivers is wonderfully documented, while their rivalry and all the defining events of it are presented holistically through the opinions of drivers, administrators, support staff and journalists You leave the book with the following image of both the drivers a supremely talented Senna whose devotion and obsession with the sport had no parallels, but a individualistic lunatic with a frightening will to win at all costs a master craftsman Prost who was less flamboyant but in supreme control of his car who knew how to strategise a win under all conditions But what clearly stands out is the high degree of danger in the sp 2.5 stars that I m bumping up to 3 because of the story Ayrton Senna has become a tragic hero in life after his death at Imola in 94 The man s sheer determination on the racetrack may be unmatched He drove with almost a spiritual, religious determination, and winning wasn t everything, it was the only thing Naturally, this sentiment has often left his bitter rival, Alain Prost, playing the role of villain The interesting part of this book is that it is much sympathetic to Prost, relying on hours of interviews with the 4x champion Instead of the tragic hero, Senna comes across as a ruthless maniac hellbent on destroying all those who cross his path Prost, meanwhile, comes off likableto a point There s times he makes excuses for things that are still questionable, and tries to frequently come off as the innocent party As with most things in life, the truth about Senna and Prost lies somewhere unspoken in between The story here is interesting, and it s a great perspective to see things from Prost s side Great story right 5 stars The problem here is Folley Desperate to be a part of the story himself, Folley feels the need to mention where he was during each event, where he conducted each interview, and what he and his intervie Decent account of the Senna Prost era of Formula One in the 1980s early 90s, and the relationship between the pair during their battles I like the fact the author interviewed Prost, Williams, Hill, Brundle, Berger, etc from current perspectives and not exclusively with past reference material, like many journalists doThe book does feel sided with Prost in some ways Maybe I look at it this way as a result of reading the very biased Rubython Senna book Then again the author makes clear his view of the Pironi Villeneuve relationship so my perception may not be too far off the mark.I m quite surprised some events were not covered, particularly Senna s post Portugese Grand Prix interview in 1992 when Prost s signing with Williams was known for 1993 Senna had just discovered that Prost had a veto in his contract to prev This book get slammed a bit for favouring Proust s POV, but that is understandable, he is still here and Senna is not I still think Senna was represented well and with empathy, although reinforced in his ruthlessness until the weeks before his final drive in a dangerous Williams car that required electronics to keep it at the peak of it s capabilities Removing t Ayrton Senna Driver, Legend, Hero to Million s Alain Prost Driver, Legend, Unfairly dismissed by too many Cold, Calculating and driving by percentage The common narrative has it the Prost was a dick dastardly type out politicking and tricking the purer innocent Senna Not particularly accurate but a good story all the same and one backed up by many a lionising Senna book article blog The truth is as a kid Ayrton was I started watching Formula One the day the rivalry between Prost and Senna ended It was illuminating to read about the intensity of their numerous clashes Folley s account is a bit biased towards Senna Prost could also be ruthless Nevertheless, I enjoyed the read. A very thorough book that starts with the drivers journey to F1 and ends with their long time rivalry Lots of great background stories by many other contemporary drivers of theirs Found on major oops When listing drivers who won championships with Lotus the book lists Michael I will declare straight away I am a Alain Prost fan, I also like to think I am quite fair on the rights and wrongs, something the recent Senna film does very badly on, anything that makes Senna look bad was omitted from the film, plus the two journalists most used in the film had many of their facts wrong, not opinions, but facts If these journalists had read this book, they would ve been all the better for it I think the book gets into the heart of the matter pretty well, the Senna Prost rivalry wasn t the usual two drivers rising through the ranks and trading blows, instead Prost was the established star and Senna didn t just want to beat him, he wanted to destroy him, although he had battles with Piquet and often Mansell, no matter what Nigel claims, Senna never seen them as real rivals It can also be seen despite the many incidents between them, neither Prost or Senna said the other was a bad driver, they knew they were head and shoulders above the rest, so there was a level of respect between them albeit deeply hidden Of course once Prost retired, Senna struggled to find the same level of motivation against Epub Senna Versus Prost Author Malcolm Folley Capitalsoftworks.co.uk In The Late Eighties And Early Nineties, Formula One Was At Its Most Explosive, With Thrilling Races, Charismatic Drivers, Nail Biting Climaxes And The Most Deadly Rivalry Ever Witnessed In Sport Two Of Formula One S Most Honoured Champions And Iconic Figures Drove Together For McLaren For Two Seasons, And Their Acrimonious And Hostile Relationship Extended Even After One Of Them Had Left The Team.ALAIN PROST, France S Only F1 World Champion, The Intelligent, Smooth Driver With The Epithet Le Professeur.AYRTON SENNA, The Mercurial Kid From A Privileged Background In Sao Paolo Who Would Become The Most Intense And Ruthless Racing Driver The World Has Ever Seen.It Was A Story That Would Have A Tragic Ending.As The Great Rivals Raced To Victory, Their Relationship Deteriorated Badly, Beginning With The Breaking Of A Gentleman S Agreement, And Public Spats Followed, Culminating In Prost Accusing Senna Of Deliberately Trying To Ride Him Off The Circuit, And Fearful That The Brazilian Would Get Someone Killed With His Daring Overtaking Feats And The Final, Sad Act Of This Drama Happened At The San Marino Grand Prix At Imola In May 1994, When Senna Was Killed.Featuring A Rare Interview With Prost, And Insight From Martin Brundle, Damon Hill, Sir Frank Williams, Bernie Ecclestone, Derek Warrick, Johnny Herbert, Gerhard Berger, Plus McLaren Insiders And Other F1 Figures, Malcolm Folley Provides Us With A Breath Taking Account Of One Of The All Time Classic Sporting Rivalries.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Senna Versus Prost book, this is one of the most wanted Malcolm Folley author readers around the world.

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