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The Motivation Hacker EPUB The Motivation Hacker Author Nick Winter Soaringeaglecasino.us Moderation In All Things, They Say That May Keep A Society Together, But It S Not The Protagonist S Job The Motivation Hacker Shows You How To Summon Extreme Amounts Of Motivation To Accomplish Anything You Can Think Of From Precommitment To Rejection Therapy, This Is Your Field Guide To Getting Yourself To Want To Do Everything You Always Wanted To Want To Do.I Wrote This Book In Three Months While Simultaneously Attempting Seventeen Other Missions, Including Running A Startup, Launching A Hit IPhone App, Learning To Write 3,000 New Chinese Words, Training To Attempt A Four Hour Marathon From Scratch, Learning To Skateboard, Helping Build A Successful Cognitive Testing Website, Being Best Man At Two Weddings, Increasing My Bench Press By Sixty Pounds, Reading Twenty Books, Going Skydiving, Helping To Start The Human Hacker House, Learning To Throw Knives, Dropping My 5K Time By Five Minutes, And Learning To Lucid Dream I Planned To Do All This While Sleeping Eight Hours A Night, Sending 1,000 Emails, Hanging Out With A Hundred People, Going On Ten Dates, Buying Groceries, Cooking, Cleaning, And Trying To Raise My Average Happiness From 6.3 To 7.3 Out Of 10.How By Hacking My Motivation.

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    First pick your goals, then figure out which motivation hacks to use on the subtasks that lead to those goals Motivation frac Expectancy times Value Impulsiveness times Delay List of Motivation Techniques Expectancy Success Spirals, surround with motivated people, Menta

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    I don t know where you get the spark to start, only how to fan it into an inferno once you have it 2.5This book has taught me some cool things that I will try to apply to my own life but it dragged and went back and forth with a lot of the points he was trying to make I...

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    I give it only four stars only because it s written a little bit hard to read at some points BUT on the other hand it s an AWESOME book I m using the success spiral technique and the happiness meter and a coupleof the ideas presented in the book and I started lucid dreaming w...

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    I got a lot of value out of this, and have started using the techniques Especially valuable, I think, was the way Nick writes about success spirals, and how you really have to apply this stuff in a way that will work because faltering or half assing it will just set you up for a harde

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    quantitative approach to motivation goals inspired by behavioral economics psychology 10 20% of good knowledge inspiration on hacking motivation, the rest are worthless examples of implementation largely dominated by ego although co...

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    The book had a good start, but gradually went stuffed with unnecessary details and repeated ideas I fast read the last chapter, that was unnecessary and overwhelmingly positive which I find damaging when speaking about productivity.The author could have summarized most of the book with...

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    Nick s an awesome guy This is a quick, fun and most importantly, valuable read for anyone interested in gettingout of their life.

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    Great book If I had to sum it up, I d say he teaches you MEVID, or M EV ID, or Motivation Expectancy Value Impulsiveness Delay I completely get this expectation is the mental index you have of likelihood that you ll follow through and finish a task Value is what it s worth to you Impulsiveness is how lik

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    Nick Winter had a productive year Here, he discusses several days from that year literally from start to finish I find that hyper detailed how to format extremely helpful in a book that hopes to actually change my behavior Winter also provides an excellent beginner s guide to Beeminder, one of my favorite app

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    A great way to get to know my friend Nick better, though I enjoyed the memoir like portionsthan the actual motivation hacking segments I ll attribute that to the fact that the book was about a friend, and that Nick had already mentioned most of these motivation hacks to me in person I think the book was a little b

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