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Truly A Merry Christmas Merry Mattson Has Come A Long Way In Her Life From Poor And Unwanted Child To Successful MusicianOne Of Her Few Ties To Childhood Is Her Continuing Friendship With Holden Drake He D Been Not Only Her Best Friend But The First Boy She Fell In Love With Now He S A Wealthy And Decidedly Cynical Divorce Lawyer In California Out Of Long Habit, Merry Visits Holden Every Christmas Although They Both Insist That Christmas Means Nothing To ThemThis Christmas Is Different, Though Because Merry S Engaged And She Won T Be Joining Holden In California Holden S Convinced That She S Making A Mistake And He Decides To Join Her In Minnesota Instead MERRY'S CHRISTMAS

About the Author: Pamela Bauer

Pamela Muelhbauer was born and raised in Minnesota, one of six children She and her husband Gerr, live in a small community just northwest of Minneapolis They have two children, Amy and Aaron, and a bichon poo that thinks he s human The marriage spend much of their recreational time in the lakes region of northern Minnesota They enjoy roasting marshmallows over an open fire and listening to the call of the loons in the summer, and in the winter they trek through the woods on snowshoes and fish through a hole in the ice Is it romantic Ask a Minnesotan and you ll likely get the answer, You betcha says Pamela, who treasures those moments up north Since selling her first romance in 1986, Pamela Bauer has gained fans around the world for her heartwarming stories about love and family relationships She plans to continue to write stories about people falling in love and living happily ever after She hopes that when you read one of her books you ll smile and maybe even laugh out loud, butimportant, when you ve finished the story you ll feel good about families, about life, and about love She often uses the Midwest as a setting for her books, because she believes there s something special about the region that makes it the perfect setting for stories about love and family It s also the place where she fell in love with her real life hero, her husband.

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