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The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914 The Moments That It Took Gavrilo Princip To Step Forward To The Stalled Car And Shoot Dead Franz Ferdinand And His Wife Were Perhaps The Most Fateful Of The Modern Era An Act Of Terrorism Of Staggering Efficiency, It Fulfilled Its Every Aim It Would Liberate Bosnia From Habsburg Rule And It Created A Powerful New Serbia, But It Also Brought Down Four Great Empires, Killed Millions Of Men And Destroyed A Civilization What Made A Seemingly Prosperous And Complacent Europe So Vulnerable To The Impact Of This Assassination In The Sleepwalkers , Christopher Clark Retells The Story Of The Outbreak Of The First World War And Its Causes Above All, It Shows How The Failure To Understand The Seriousness Of The Chaotic, Near Genocidal Fighting In The Balkans Would Drag Europe Into Catastrophe

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    In a dugout in northern France, sometime in 1916, three British soldiers try to make sense of one of the most complicated questions of modern history PVT BALDRICK The way I see it, these days there s a war on, right and, ages ago, there wasn t a war on, right So, there must have been a moment when there not being a war on went away, right and there being a war on came along So, what I want to kno

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    In commemoration of the Centennial of WW1, we have also set up a reading group here in GR Sleepwalkers is one of the suggested books It deals with the period before the war and is consequently centered on the causes that led to, or I should say brought about, the disaster But because it is my first book on the political aspects, I felt overwhelmed with the amount of information and baffled by the comp

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    For the longest time, I avoided reading about World War I because it seemed too complicated It was fought for convoluted reasons among now dead empires in a Europe and a world that is now vastly reshaped I figured my time would be better spent reading another book about Gettysburg When I finally made a concerted effort to learn about the Great War since the Centennial is fast approaching , I discovered its

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    Simply one of the best books on the origins of the Great War Take it from someone who wrote his master thesis on the pre war military strategies of Belgium and along the way devoted too much time to the European dimension Christopher Clark s summary of the transformation of Europe between 1879 and 1907 from non committed alliances into two military blocs in two pages plus maps is a thing of beauty The author cl

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    List of IllustrationsList of MapsAcknowledgementsIntroduction The Sleepwalkers How Europe Went to War in 1914 ConclusionNotesIndex

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    For Austria Hungary, the Balkan Wars changed everything Above all, they revealed how isolated Vienna was and how little understanding there was at the foreign chancelleries for its view of Balkan events, St Petersburg s hostility to the empire and its utter disregard for Vienna s interest in the region could be taken for granted More worrying was the indifference of the other powers.The Sleepwalkers How Europe Went To Wa

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    While the dead are gone, they re not gone While the dead don t speak, they speak St PaulWhich begs the question, what do they say to us Last week saw extensive media coverage of the various commemorations of Britain s declaration of war against Germany on August 4, 1914 Naturally, understandably, inevitably, those dignitaries invited to hold speeches on this occasion turned most of their attention to the human cost The sheer

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    A forensic study of the lead up to the First World War Meticulously researched, it takes you into a world where, almost by accident, Europe organised itself into two armed camps, with overlapping obligations and fears.What struck me was that each country felt itself slighted, took unto itself the right to wage an industrialised war, but at the same time abdicated responsibility for the war starting look what you made me do Jingois

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    I shall never be able to understand how it happened, the novelist Rebecca West remarked to her husband as they stood on the balcony of Sarajevo Town Hall in 1936 It was not, she reflected, that there were too few facts available, but that there were too many I have a masochistic, puritan streak that tells me a serious book should be long, dry, dense and exhaustively referenced to flagellate learning into my ignorant body and soul Barba

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    The outbreak of war in 1914 is not an Agatha Christie drama at the end of which we will discover the culprit standing over a corpse in the conservatory with a smoking pistol Christopher Clark s choice of the first bit of the title The Sleepwalkers How Europe Went to War in 1914 may indeed be considered slightly awkward in that it suggests that those who were in charge in European governments at that time are not really to blame for the deci

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