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Divinity and The Python All Things Have A Soul.The Driver S Window Perfectly Intact When She And Andrew Had Arrived This Morning Was Now A Shattered Chrysanthemum Of Broken Glass, And A Weapon, A Hammer, Hung Like A Calling Card From The Frame She Grabbed Her Cell Their Quarry Was Clearly On The Loose Finger On Speed Dial, She Reached With Her Free Hand For The Hammer.The Python Is The Hottest Nightclub In Freezing Edmonton All Skin, No Substance, And Definitely No Spirituality Bartender Shaynie Gavin Knows Better All Things Have A Soul, And On An Evening She S Come To Call Hellnight, The Python Left A Dark Stain On Hers Now Shaynie S Moving Into Another Place That S Than What It Seems Divinity, The Old Morgue She S Refurbished Into A Tarot Lounge With All Her Passion Focused On Launching The Venture, Shaynie Is Rattled When Divinity Appears To Orchestrate A Connection Between Her And Superstitious Hockey Star Cameron Weste.Shaynie S Reaction Is Nothing Compared To The Python S Vandalism, Violence, An Omniscient Stalker The Parallels To Her Lost, Bloody Hellnight In The Club Are Unmistakable But Equally Undeniable Is The Protection Emanating From Her Old Morgue.All Things Have A Soul, And Divinity S Seems Aligned With Shaynie S Own But Whose Is Twinned With The Python As Shaynie Starts Hunting Her Stalker, It S Clear Only One Soul Will Survive.Divinity And The Python Is A Terrifying, Rollercoaster Paranormal Mystery Like Nothing You Ve Ever Read.

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    I believe the publisher calls this book a paranormal romantic thriller note not paranormal romance, which is a related but different corner of the genre I d have to agree It s sexy, it s spooky, and the tension keeps ratcheting up all the way to the end.Our heroine is Shaynie Gavin, a carpenter an artist, really who s making money tending bar at the Python while fixing

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    Finished this book in only a couple sittings It was hard to put down sadly, I found I did not want to let go of this books main characters, Shaynie and Cameron at the end of the book This was a fabulous, well paced storyline and unique plot I LOVED the Canadian perspective and the symbolism of the good evil, light dark, divinity pythonwell researched in the metap...

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    Divinity and the Python is a paranormal suspense romance novel set in Edmonton, Alberta, a city well known for its cold winters and famous Edmonton Oilers hockey team Of course, they are not mentioned by name, but you know who they are When we meet the main character Shaynie, you can tell immediately that she is not your traditional romantic main character She is an independent,

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    Bonnie Randall s writing is electric It moves, it grooves, it rocks and it rolls Divinity and the Python is like a strobe light on a disco round colors and sounds in constant motion, shadows taking shape for a moment before dissolving into the floor Divinity and the Python is not my usual reading fare, so it s the appropriate time to insert a Note of Disclosure The publisher provided

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    Just finished Bonnie s Randall s Divinity the Python I thoroughly enjoyed this book for several reasons First, it s a beautiful love story Well actually, it s multiple love stories You may see it described as a paranormal romance, but the cool thing is the primary romance is between real people Shaynie Gavin has many loves and this makes her very interesting She falls hard for Cameron Wes

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    First the legalese I m on the Panverse street team free EARC s for an honest review Yes please , so if it seems I m putting up a review awfully fast, well, I read it last month And soHockey and Tarot, two things I know almost nothing about but which figure prominently in this book Luckily, the author keeps things pertinent to the plot, so I never felt out of my depth and was able to enjoy the

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    I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book It was so fun to read a book in a familiar Canadian setting I read it in one sitting, as I couldn t put it down I fell for the main characters Shaynie and Cameron The pictures painted by this talented author were so real and intriguing I loved the twists and turns, along with all of the paranormal, which I didn t think I was as into, but really enjoyed i

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    This book was completely beyond anything I have ever read before It was a really intriguing mystery romance all wrapped up in a very different take on what I can only think to describe as paranormal.On that note, however, I must say that I spent a rather large portion of this book utterly perplexed I could not for the life of me figure out if the main character, Shaynie Gavin, was schizophrenic or if th

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    Man, I loved this book I became fully invested in the characters and the plot immediately and was thankful for the attention to detail that Randall provided If you have never had the pleasure of experiencing Edmonton in the middle of winter, Divinity and The Python can take you there, frozen toes and all I started out planning on reading it just one chapter per sitting but it turned out to be much too thrill

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    Love can happen in any number of ways, even when it s the last thing you want Even when the world is screaming at you that love is just around the corner, it can be hard for people to accept Shaynie Gavin finds herself in that moment when Divinity and The Python starts She s a young Canadian woman who is con...

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