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A Broken Hallelujah: Rock and roll, Redemption, and the Life of Leonard Cohen I was introduced to Leonard Cohen when I was 19 by my girlfriend at the time We sat in her bedroom and listened to The Best of Leonard Cohen and as soon as I heard his voice enter in over the classical strumming of Suzanne , I understood I was listening to something different, something I had never encountered before I couldn t explain at the time what it was but I was okay traveling blind because his voice and his words sounded like the truth Exactly twice the age I was when I first heard Leonard Cohen, there is still much he writes and sings that is beyond my understanding but Liel Leibovitz s wonderful biography A Broken Hallelujah offers some thoughtful insights into Cohen s life and his music, as well as the unnamed spaces in between Dexterously balancing his personal life and the music, the spiritual and the mundane, Liebovitz captures Cohen s many ma Reading A Broken Hallelujah Rock And Roll, Redemption, And The Life Of Leonard Cohen Liel Leibovitz Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Brings To Life A Passionate Poet Turned Musician And What Compels Him And His Work.Why Is It That Leonard Cohen Receives The Sort Of Reverence We Reserve For A Precious Few Living Artists Why Are His Songs, Three Or Four Decades After Their Original Release, Suddenly Gracing The Charts, Blockbuster Movie Sound Tracks, And Television Singing Competitions And Why Is It That While Most Of His Contemporaries Are Either Long Dead Or Engaged In Uninspired Nostalgia Tours, Cohen Is At The Peak Of His Powers And Popularity These Are The Questions At The Heart Of A Broken Hallelujah, A Meditation On The Singer, His Music, And The Ideas And Beliefs At Its Core Granted Extraordinary Access To Cohen S Personal Papers, Liel Leibovitz Examines The Intricacies Of The Man Whose Performing Career Began With A Crippling Bout Of Stage Fright, Yet Who, Only A Few Years Later, Tamed A Rowdy Crowd On The Isle Of Wight, Preventing Further Violence The Artist Who Had Gone From A Successful World Tour And A Movie Star Girlfriend To A Long Residency In A Remote Zen Retreat And The Rare Spiritual Seeker For Whom The Principles Of Traditional Judaism, The Tenets Of Zen Buddhism, And The Iconography Of Christianity All Align The Portrait That Emerges Is That Of An Artist Attuned To Notions Of Justice, Lust, Longing, Loneliness, And Redemption, And Possessing The Sort Of Voice And Vision Commonly Reserved Only For The Prophets.More Than Just An Account Of Cohen S Life, A Broken Hallelujah Is An Intimate Look At The Artist That Is As Emotionally Astute As It Is Philosophically Observant Delving Into The Sources And Meaning Of Cohen S Work, Leibovitz Beautifully Illuminates What Cohen Is Telling Us And Why We Listen So Intensely. A Cohen fan before, now I have acquired a much deeper appreciation and awe of the artist The author masterfully balances the genre s need to expose with respecting Cohen s privacy I never felt like I was imposing on him A beautiful and elegant review of the artist s life and work. We have better poets than Leonard Cohen, and skilled novelists Songwriters blessed with greater talent wrote songs and gained fame and withered away But Leonard Cohen lingers and thrives because he is not really any of these things, at least not essentially He s something intricate, the sort of man whose pores absorb the particles of beauty and grief and truth that float weightlessly all around us yet so few of us note He is attuned to the divine, whatever the divine might be, not with the thinker s complications or the zealot s obstructions, but with the unburdened heart of a believer Millennia ago, as we began asking ourselves the same fundamental questions we still ponder, we called men like him prophets, meaning not that they could foresee the future but that they could better understand the present by seeing one layer of meaning to life The title still applies This is about as good as nonfiction can get for me I know Liel Leibovitz well from his political polemical opinion journalism, which often veers to the demagogic Here, Liel s subtle sensibilities and skills are on display as he very readably guides us through the extraordinary life and art of Leonard Cohen I appreciate the detailed analysis of Cohen s texts themselves as primary source mater he believes, like Arendt, that there s no inherent evil in the world, just thoughtless men in precarious circumstances Page 95Not quite a biography, much than an essay and a very good recollection of chronologic events that explain a little of Cohen s hypnotising words whether recited o The biography isn t as good as the songs and poetry, but the background casts shadows and gives a little bit of a crack where even light can get in. Lets just say that I care about a number of people that are Leonard Cohen fanatics and though I never previously understood their rabid fascination, Liel Liebowitz s biography A Broken Hallelujah made me fall in love with Cohen.How could you not when to quote the Kirkus Review In an account of a 2009 performance, Leibowvitz writes In true Zen fashion, it turned out that all he needed to do to let his songs state their case was nothing but accept Lorca s definition of duende and allow the tightly closed flowers of his spare arrangements bloom into a thousand petals 3 16 14Contrary to the Kirckus review that says Liebovitz delivers a different sort of biography that Cohen fanatics should appreciate I thought of this book as an introduction to Cohen for people that either didn t get him or were unfamiliar with him.Though at times academic with many biblical references, it offers an irreverent approach to biography writing that I O carte de citit pe melodii optite de Leonard Cohen.. I won this book from a goodreads giveaway I really didn t know a whole lot about Leonard Cohen aside from that he wrote Hallelujah, which I think is probably the best song ever written The book outlines his 50 year career writing poetry, novels, stories and music He was too young to be a beat and too old for the 60 s folk scene, always a bit of an outsider Cohen was a well respected poet and author of novels and short stories when he heard Bob Dylan and decided to be a singer song writer There is plenty of rock history, from the Beatles to prog rock to punk and grunge What I enjoyed even than the usual rock biography run ins with celebrities Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, etc was reading about his philosophy of art This is an atypical rock biography I

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Liel Leibovitz is a senior writer for Tablet magazine and teaches at New York University He is the coauthor of Fortunate Sons, Lili Marlene, and The Chosen Peoples He lives in New York City.

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