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Bumblebee Bike Bumblebee Bike David was a very impatient boy when he saw something that he wanted He had a best friend Elton who had a stuffed elephant David decided to borrow the stuffed animal, David then borrowed his friend Payton s Superman figurine David had never asked to borrow any of his friends belongings This goes on for a very Reading Bumblebee Bike Sandra Levins Undercostruction.eu Sandra Levins Book Belongs In Every Home.Levins Book Addresses This Common Occurrence In A Child S Development With Simplicity And Compassion Children S Book HealBumblebee Bike Is A Story About Borrowing What S Not Yours David Takes Things That Do Not Belong To Him However, When He Loses His Prize Possession His Bumblebee Bike He Realizes How Borrowing Without Asking Makes Others Feel While Such Behavior Is A Normal Part Of Childhood Development, It Is Extremely Frustrating For Parents And Caregivers Who Have Children With Sticky Fingers Children May Understand Intellectually That They Shouldn T Borrow Without Asking, But They Are Emotionally Motivated So They Do It Anyway However, With Careful Guidance And Modeling, Kids Can Learn To Think Before Acting And Learn Boundaries To Develop Positive And Ethical Relationships With Others A Note To Parents And Caregivers By Mary Lamia, PhD, Provides Information About This Part Of Childhood Development, And Offers Strategies For Helping Your Child Develop Socially Appropriate, Ethical Behavior.

About the Author: Sandra Levins

When I began writing children s books I fell in love with the message behind the stories and the notion that they can make a positive difference in the lives of children and families This positivity is what I hope for and strive for in all my writing projects.

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