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Tudor Sunday Times Bestseller BBC History Book Of The YearThe Tudors Are England S Most Notorious Royal Family But, As Leanda De Lisle S Gripping New History Reveals, They Are A Family Still Extraordinary Than The One We Thought We Knew.The Tudor Canon Typically Starts With The Battle Of Bosworth In 1485, Before Speeding On To Henry VIII And The Reformation But This Leaves Out The Family S Obscure Welsh Origins, The Ordinary Man Known As Owen Tudor Who Would Fall Literally Into A Queen S Lap And Later Her Bed It Passes By The Courage Of Margaret Beaufort, The Pregnant Thirteen Year Old Girl Who Would Help Found The Tudor Dynasty, And The Childhood And Painful Exile Of Her Son, The Future Henry VII It Ignores The Fact That The Tudors Were Shaped By Their Past Those Parts They Wished To Remember And Those They Wished To Forget.By Creating A Full Family Portrait Set Against The Background Of This Past, De Lisle Enables Us To See The Tudor Dynasty In Its Own Terms, And Presents New Perspectives And Revelations On Key Figures And Events De Lisle Discovers A Family Dominated By Remarkable Women Doing Everything Possible To Secure Its Future Shows Why The Princes In The Tower Had To Vanish And Reexamines The Bloodiness Of Mary S Reign, Elizabeth S Fraught Relationships With Her Cousins, And The True Significance Of Previously Overlooked Figures Throughout The Tudor Story, Leanda De Lisle Emphasizes The Supreme Importance Of Achieving Peace And Stability In A Violent And Uncertain World, And Of Protecting And Securing The Bloodline Tudor Is Bristling With Religious And Political Intrigue But At Heart Is A Thrilling Story Of One Family S Determined And Flamboyant Ambition.

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    There have been an awful lot of books, movies, and TV shows about the Tudors Their cultural impression is larger than life Events of historic importance certainly occurred during their reigns, probably most significantly the Protestant Reformation, but it is t

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    Tudor The Family Story begins at the funeral procession of Catherine of Valois in 1437 in order to relate the origins of the Tudor name Catherine and Owen Tudor s relationship is depicted as truly romantic I had quite a chuckle or two as Ms de Lisle showed she has a sli

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    In her look at the Tudor Dynasty, Ms De Lisle has delivered a very reader friendly book Starting with the Owen Tudor, Henry VII s grandfather and who gave the dynasty its name, the author looks at the family that ruled England from 1485 thru the death of Elizabeth I in 1603 In te

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    Disclaimer Arc read via Netgalley Thank you Netgalley, Perseus Books, and Public Affairs Books.I can hear you asking the question do we really need another book about the Tudors Really Well, I don t know about need, but I can say this is a very excellent look at the Tudor family If you wer

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    For us Tudorphiles, there really isn t anything we don t already know about one of history s most dramatic families So what s the point of reading another book on the Tudor dynasty Perhaps this can be answered by Leanda de Lisle in Tudor The Family Story.Lisle s version of events in Tudor stands out

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    Why read another a Tudor book De Lisle takes on the family history from Owen Tudor to James I This isn t another Henry and his wives book De Lisle s NF books are not text bookish They are easy to read and before you know it hours have gone by, she brought many new things to my attention proof Margaret Beaufor

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    As other reviewers have pointed out, this is not merely another Henry VIII and his six wives book It is a comprehensive, erudite and eloquent account of Tudor History from Owen Tudor to the death of Elizabeth I and the proclamation that named James VI of Scotland King of England James I.In addition to the Tudor story t

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    Leanda de Lisle has a gift for writing historical books When the history is as compelling as that of the Tudors, no embellishment is needed, and de Lisle tells the story masterfully This book is impeccably researched, and de Lisle backs up everything she says with primary sources, which she then uses to debunk a lot of popular m

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    I love all things Tudor and despite having many historical factual books about the Tudors already sitting on my bookshelf, there is always room for one .Leanda De Lisle has created a very readable account of this fascinating family and provides the facts in an easy to understand, and very enjoyable manner The founding of this tumultuous d

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    I both read and write history, so I inhaled this 560 page book ARC that opens with Owen Tudor, a commoner, to the end of Elizabeth I s reign.The author, de Lisle wrote through the lens of the Tudor era, a time of warring, intrigue, and intense scrabbling over succession The early Tudor monarchs were not royal and their paranoia of losing their thro

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