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Tuesday Apocalypse Read Tuesday Apocalypse Vicy Cross Ormskirkremovals.co.uk In The War Weary Year Of 1940, Just One Rundown Hospital Survives London S Collapse Sister Barbara, A Nun And Volunteer Nurse, Inspires Hope In Her Patients, But That Faith Is Shaken When An Unidentified Aircraft Explodes Near The Hospital The Half Eaten Corpse Beneath The Mangled Wreckage Appears To Corroborate The Pilot S Story That Some Sort Of Tentacle Monster Attacked His Plane However, Sister Barbara Pushes These Dangers Aside And Plunges Beyond The Rubble When The Man She Loves Disappears In The Wastelands She Discovers A Bloodstained Beauty In His Place But The Girl S Outward Innocence Hides A Voracious Sexual Appetite, And An Even Disturbing Secret One By One, The Terrified Patients Vanish From Their Beds Titillating Tentacles Lick The Hospital Walls At Night And The Dreams, Always The Dreams, Drawing Sister Barbara Deeper Into A Well Of Madness She Suspects She And The Other Women At The Hospital Are Transforming Into Something Unholy Sister Barbara Knows She Must Figure Out What Before The Evil In Their Midst Consumes Them All.

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    Nun themed tentacle erotica set in England during the dark days of World War IIyup, my goal of getting out of my usual Sci Fi Fantasy genre comfort zone is off to a BANGING start To be fair, I didn t know just how graphic this story was going to be going in I was torn between reading all the reviews on Goodreads in detail, or just skimming them enough to get a gist I eventually opted for

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    Okay, so I m not a fan of books written in first personwho cares Okay, so this is written in old school mode it s literary classical horror, and the author seems possessed by the ghost of Edgar Allen Poewho cares So it takes place in 1940who cares Okay so there s a soppy romance includedwho yeah, you guessed right.So I utterly hate the endwho cares Seriously, who f n cares It s tentacle er

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    It s funny how our literary tastes change as we get older I remember trying to read Dracula when I was young and finding the style boring, and then trying again as a teenager and finding it far too literary, and then reading it a third time as an adult and being delighted by it The epistolary format i...

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    Tuesday Apocalypse was so good I loved it I was automatically hooked by the blurb, and the book definitely followed through It kept me on the edge of my seat It was a bit creepy, but so captivating I dived in head first into the world that Miss Cross created I liked all of the crazy characters The book was set during the time of Hitler and the Nazis So while all of the killing was going on,

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    Love conquers all is the theme of Vicy Cross s paranormal erotic novel entitled Tuesday Apocalypse Set near London during the Nazi siege of World War II, the patients and staff of a shell shocked Catholic Hospital must learn to deal with one another s vices, phobias and personality disorders as they try to survive together under the extreme stress and trauma of war, which has evacuated and de

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    Paranormal romance, gothic horror, and era based fantasy, whatcould you ask for I discovered Vicy Cross through recommendations from author friends of mine Rich Bottles Jr Lumberjacked and Wol vriey Vegan Zombie Apocalypse who made glowing reviews about the book and sparked my curiosity.Tuesday Apocalypse was my first exposure to Vicy Cross and I can say that I really enjoyed her writing style

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    Vicy Cross can tell a story Her words collide together and string out pure prose writing that makes you want to read again A romance erotica, a historical masterpiece with a lovecrafting touch of a parasite tentacle monster I...

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    In the war weary year of 1940, just one rundown hospital survives London s collapse Sister Barbara, a nun and volunteer nurse, inspires hope in her patients, but that faith is shaken when an unidentified aircraft explodes near the hospital The half eaten corpse beneath the mangled wreckage appears to corroborate the pilot s story that some sort of tentacle monster attacked his plane However, Sis

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    The writing style of this book is Gothic and reminded me of Bram Stoker s Dracula Like Dracula, however, it shared the element of an incredibly stupid narrator Attractive Kind Courageous But stupid I like the tension between what the reader knows and what the narrator knows, this novel pushed it too far for me, explaining things away as dreams or confusion, despite the clues stacking up.The setti

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    Dark and sexy

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