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Theonomy in Christian Ethics The Position Which Has Come To Be Labeled Theonomy Today Holds That The Word Of The Lord Is The Sole, Supreme, And Unchallengeable Standard For The Actions And Attitudes Of All Men In All Areas Of Life It Also Teaches That Since The Fall It Has Always Been Unlawful To Use The Law Of God In Hopes Of Establishing One S Own Personal Merit And Justification Commitment To Obedience Is But The Lifestyle Of Faith, A Token Of Gratitude For God S Redeeming Grace Jesus Said, If You Love Me, You Will Keep My Commandments John Moreover, We Will Strive To Teach Others To Observe Whatever He Has Commanded Us Mart Such Healthy And Necessary Moral Standards Are Surely Not Burdensome To The Believer Who Bows To Christ As The Lord John Theonomy Views God S Laws Directing Moral Behavior To Be A Reflection Of His Unchanging Character Such Laws Are Not Arbitrary, But Objectively, Universally, And Absolutely Binding It Is God S Law That You Are To Be Holy Because I Am Holy Peter , Citing Leviticus The Law May Not Be Criticized Or Challenged By Us It Is Holy, Righteous And Good Rom This Moral Law Was Revealed To Israel In Oracles And Ordinances, But Even The Gentiles Show The Work Of The Law Upon Their Hearts And Know Its Ordinances From The Natural Order And Inward Conscience Rom Who, Then, Is Under The Authority Of God S Law Paul Answers All The World Rom The Law Revealed By Moses And Subsequent Old Testament Authors Was Given Within A Covenantal Administration Of God S Grace Which Included Not Only Moral Instruction, But Gloriously And Mercifully Promises, Prophecies, Sacrifices, Circumcision, The Paschal Lamb, And Other Types And Ordinances Delivered To The People Of The Jews, All Foresignifying Christ To Come Westminster Confession Of Faith VII God S Revelation Itself Teaches Us That New Covenant Believers, Who Have The Law Powerfully Written On Their Hearts, No Longer Follow The Foreshadows And Administrative Details Of The Old Covenant They Are Obsolete Heb , Having Been Imposed Only Until The Time When The Messiah Would Come Heb Col Theonomy Teaches, Then, That In Regard To The Old Testament Law, The New Covenant Surpasses The Old Covenant In Glory, Power, And FinalityTheonomy Also Teaches That Civil Rulers Are Morally Obligated To Enforce Those Laws Of Christ, Found Throughout The Scriptures, Which Are Addressed To Magistrates As Well As To Refrain From Coercion In Areas Where God Has Not Prescribed Their Intervention As Paul Wrote In Romans , Magistrates Even The Secular Rulers Of Rome Are Obligated To Conduct Their Offices As Ministers Of God, Avenging God S Wrath Against Criminal Evil Doers They Will Give An Account On The Final Day Of Their Service Before The King Of Kings, Their Creator And Judge

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    Bahnsen is one of the most perspicacious and easy to read philosopher theologians of the 20th century A child can understand his writing, even if the concepts may fly far above his ability to apply with consistency Theonomy in Christian Ethics is no different It is

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    I can not overstate the value of this book It is a remarkable work of theology, philosophy, and Biblical scholarship It points one to God s Word in every aspect of our lives, and I can only pray that every Christian minister whether as a vocation or in a lay level capac

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    Just the introductions and forwards to this book were worth every penny I spent and I ve only read to page 25

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    Theonomy was an enormously helpful enormous book the sort that takes a while to work through, but is replete with a great wealth of insights into the application of the Old Testament laws in the New Testament era While this thinking is not new to me, this book is the most thoroug

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    Bahnsen is crazy thorough in defending his main thesis that Christians are obligated to keep OT law On pg 307 he says Love summarizes the law, but it does not replace it the Decalogue summarizes the biblical ethic, but it is not a substitute for the whole This is important as our 21ce

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    Fantastic book Very informative Read this.

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    Bahnsen been woke since way back At one point he says that social justice is when we advocate for the death penalty for homosexuality A far cry from what passes as social justice in Christian circles today.

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    Bahnsen gives a good basis for a Christian ethic situated in the law Much of this book deserves a hearty amen from a Reformed perspective Its greatest weakness, however, is his insistence and non cogent and confused application of the OT civil law to the common political state While Bahsen is a heav

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    Good start to a very difficult and highly debated issue Bahnsen wrote this for his Th.M at Westminster Seminary East , and it has gotten him into a lot of hot water over the years B was a great scholar and committed to sola scriptura He never let up on his theonomic position, which I commend him for At t

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    I had the honor to have met Dr Bahnsen and to hear him speak on numerous occasions Though I do not agree with his theonomic position, he certainly helped to raise the standard regarding the importance of the law of God, as noted by the following quote, the church today has either joined hands wiht the Enlight

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