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Conquerors Pride (The Conquerors Saga, #1) Reading Conquerors Pride The Conquerors Saga, 1 Author Timothy Zahn Thomashillier.co.uk Four Alien Starships Attack Without Provocation, Destroy An 8 Ship Peacemaker Team In Six Savage Minutes Officially No Survivors Lord Stewart Cavanaugh Asks Fighter Pilot Adam Quinn To Rescue Son Commander Pheylan Cavanaugh Quinn Assembles Elite Copperheads Like Himself, Minds United With Ships, Who Will Return Home As Heroes Or Traitors, If At All.

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    Conqueror s Pride by Timothy Zahn is a good, solid space opera It s a good read for fans of the genre.By space opera , I mean a science fiction book that doesn t really explore any hard scientific themes, but instead focuses on plot and adventure Maybe there will be some character development, but you definitely won t have a

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    Rating 4Conquerors Prideis the first installment inThe Conquerors Sagaby Timothy Zahn, author of several StarWars booksConquerors Prideis a sci fi space opera which focuses on adventure and story of its characters The story is not as much complex as I feared it would be At some points, I felt lost and had plenty of question However, wi

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    When lives are at stake, you do what you have to, whether it s personally comfortable for you or not Typical Cold War era space opera Independently minded heroes take on bumbling bureaucracy as well as the heinous enemy Standard space opera opening new alien obliterates friendly human greeters No empire looks oppressive to those in power Well co

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    An interesting start to the saga, though by itself this book is hardly a novel Feels like a commissioned work, but a good one, with some interesting aliens and a vague human polity that tentatively rules the stars Will s...

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    This book had a similar feel to the Thrawn Star Wars trilogy that Zahn also wrote In my opinion, that s a good thing Conquerers Pride really sucked me in, and I had a hard time putting it down until I had read all 389 pages of it.Part of the reason I liked the book is that as far as I can tell it was written solely to be entertaining, and that s what I was looking

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    Update July 2013 The Conqueror s series is one of the most impressive stories I have ever read I ve read 2000 Although not all the books earned an A grade on first read because of the complexity, the overall series is a strong grade A I suspect each story will earn a grade A on second read The story includescharacters, situations, interactions, species, and concepts than mos

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    This is a trilogy that is one continuous story Conquerors Pride, Conquerors Heritage, and Conquerors Legacy.The first book opens from the Human point of view They detect an alien ship and try to open communications with them As soon as they attempt to say hello, the aliens open fire on them The Humans are fully justified in defending themselves and going to war with these Aliens.The o

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    I love many of Timothy Zahn s books, but not this one I read the first 100 pages before giving up in boredom There started to beaction occurring in the book before I stopped, but since I didn t care if the main characters lived or died, succeeded or failed, I stopped reading in spite of the action.The good Sol...

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    One minor character in Conquerors Pride is a Sanduul artist who does threadings pictures made of spiderlike silk Her finished images reveal two different moods depending on the angle of view the same subject, two separate effects.This was my second reading of Conquerors Pride, and I enjoyed watching Timothy Zahn do his own threading of the story In true Zahn style, the picture as viewed from the end of t

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    Oh I do enjoy Timothy Zahn s writing, and it s always fun to go back to it I ve only read his individual novels outside of Star Wars , so I m curious how a full trilogy holds up So far it feels like there is less of the systems sort of approach I love in...

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