KINDLE ❂ Tell Me Why, Mummy Author David Thomas –

Tell Me Why, Mummy Most Of The Time, I Thought I Had The Best Mummy In The Whole World But Then She D Change A Heartbreaking Story Of Abuse, Betrayal And Ultimate Redemption.From The Age Of Four, David Thomas Carried With Him The Most Terrible Secret Of All His Mother Was Sexually Abusing Him Every Time She Got Drunk.When Sober, David S Mother Was The Perfect Mum, Baking Cookies And Playing Games David Adored Her But When Drunk She Turned Into The Monster Of David S Worst Nightmares Half Dressed, She D Rampage Around The House, Accidentally Set Things On Fire And Nearly Always Abuse David Confusingly, When She Sobered Up, David S Mother Could Never Recall Anything She D Done David Was Completely Alone With The Daily Horror But Things Soon Became Even Worse When His Stepfather Started Beating Him Senseless Locked In A Downward Spiral Of Self Loathing, David Did Anything To Try To Forget Life At Home Even If It Meant Breaking The Law Then, One Night, He Saw A Programme On TV That Changed His Life Suddenly He Found The Strength To Turn His Back On His Past And Make His Future Worth Fighting For.

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