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The Science of Winning PDF Epub The Science Of Winning By Jan Olbrecht It S Very Rare That A Book Can Mean So Much For Professional Sporting Prof Dr Jan Olbrecht S Book Does He Has A Ph D In Physiology And Biomechanics And Is Training Adviser To Numerous World Class Athletes His Method Is Based Upon Careful Planning And A Unique Method Of Lactate Testing To Assess And Optimize The Athlete S Conditioning And Potential His Book Should Be Considered As A Manual For The Modern Coach Who Wants To Know Before Planning And Periodizing What Kind Of Conditioning Adaptations He May Expect It Provides Knowledge And Shares Experience In A Very Understandable And Applicable To Every Training Situation It Advances Some New Important Concepts, Most Notably That Training At Anaerobic Threshold Speeds Is Not The Most Effective Way To Improve Aerobic Endurance And That Aerobic And Anaerobic Metabolism Must Be Developed To Optimum, Not Maximum, Levels In Order To Perform Well In Competition. Probably the best book in the world of physical athletic training A must have for all coaches of all levels that aim to improve competitive performance.

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