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Charmed and Dangerous WantedHe Hadn T Needed Some Dossier To Remember FBI Agent J.J Barnes Killer Looks Killer Body Killer Instincts She Could Take Care Of Herself.Officially, U.S Marshal Cody Landry Led A Detail To Ensure J.J Lived To Deliver Testimony Against The Russian Mob That Had Tried To Assassinate Her Once Already Unofficially, He Was To Lure The Assassins Into The Openusing J.J As Bait Cody Hated The Idea Because Primal Than His Urge To Protect This Woman Was His Desire To Possess Her But An Affair, With Secrets Still Between Them, Would Be Wrong.Even Deadly. Like the characters and the story line..it reminds me of the o malley series which is kind of wierd bit oh well Cody JJ s story It moved the Landry mystery along One book to go. 4 Stars Cole is a US Marshal specializing in witness protection He s been ordered to protect an essential witness against the Russian mob and keep the secret that the witness is being used as bait FBI agent, JJ doesn t think she needs protection, but she s been ordered to go undercover and figure out which US Marshal agent on Cole s team is leaking information to the mob.I know that all those secrets sound a bit complicated, but this story really works Cole comes across as arrogant until he s put with JJ JJ gets to show him up, that she s every bit an equal professionally Cole teaches her that she s got his respect as an agent but that he ll always be there to look out for her.THE LANDRY BROTHERS author series Kelsey Roberts Book 7We are first introduced to the Landry s of Jasper, Montana in Ms Robert s last book of her Rose Tatoo series That s the story of Cade, cousin to the infamous Landry brothers The Landry land had bee

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