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Let My People Go Surfing KINDLE Let My People Go Surfing Yvon Chouinard Federicoscridel.eu In His Long Awaited Memoir, Yvon Chouinard Legendary Climber, Businessman, Environmentalist, And Founder Of Patagonia, Inc Shares The Persistence And Courage That Have Gone Into Being Head Of One Of The Most Respected And Environmentally Responsible Companies On Earth From His Youth As The Son Of A French Canadian Blacksmith To The Thrilling, Ambitious Climbing Expeditions That Inspired His Innovative Designs For The Sport S Equipment, Let My People Go Surfing Is The Story Of A Man Who Brought Doing Good And Having Grand Adventures Into The Heart Of His Business Life A Book That Will Deeply Affect Entrepreneurs And Outdoor Enthusiasts Alike.

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    I don t know where to start with my humble reverence for Chouinard He s my anti business business hero, the reluctant and radical beacon of light in modern management The book opensI ve been a businessman for almost fifty years It s as difficult for me to say those words as it is for someo

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    Patagonia is an amazing company with great products and a commendable mission I m probablyapt to purchase something from Patagonia than from one of their competitors after reading this book, but I don t subscribe to Chouinard s overwhelming anti establishment sentiment Somebody s got to make enough

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    This book changes you If you don t come away doing SOMETHINGfor the environment than you already are, well then I think there s something wrong with you It s a do as I do book, and is quite effective at that My company s next two printing projects will be done on 100 percent post consumer content paper, p...

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    Chouinard s story of his values and what led him to start Patagonia The principles that drive his company are really his own and he is a reluctant businessman Big focus on quality, durability and doingwith less He is a committed environmentalist and believes businesses should be responsible for the damage they do to th

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    Chouinard tells the story of how the succes of his company Patagonia has forced him to invent a whole and balanced way of doing business He takes a longer term view focused on real sustainability and in doing so he does does away with conventional business paradigms where the goal is growth at any cost.Patagonia as told by Choui

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    At certain times a bit idealistic and naive, however overall, if read with a certain sense of self conciousness knowing that it simply won t be that easy and that manyfactors are to be considered like for example the high pricing of his clothing which he doesn t tackle at all or that working towards a sustainable environment is for most p

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    It was 3 stars until 70% of the book but the ending deserves 4.This book is the story of Patagonia and how its founders deal with business, people, and the environment.Their way of life resonates a lot with what I think is a good way to live Maintain a sustainable business, hire people you trust and give them enough freedom to live a good life whil

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    I m always wary of the stories of successful people who make it seem like they fell into their success At the same time, because Patagonia is, for a for profit business, very environmentally responsible and family oriented, I really wanted to like this book Unfortunately, I didn t.The beginning is pretty interesting, as Chouinard writes about his early life

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    I expected to dislike this book and dislike YC after reading it, but I was wrong I was actually quite impressed with his vision and efforts and some of his business policies Most criticisms I hear about Patagonia are one of two things First, that it s too expensive This is discussed and makes sense to me He wanted to make the best quality possible, that could last a l

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    Yvon Chouinard wanted to make a little extra cash so so he could support his rock climbing hobby and decided to create his own climbing equipment Years later, a simple desire to do what he loved evolved into an outdoor recreation company recognized for its quality, consistency, and sustainability After reading this memoir, Patagonia means so muchto me now than colorful fleece p

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