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How to Write Funny It took a while to get to the real information, but I really did learn a lot from this Very informative in a clear, all business style. Excellent Blueprint for Comedy WritingIt s really difficult to find a book that maps out process How to Write Funny knocks it out of the park in this respect Dikkers deconstructs the comedy writing process on a metacognitive level, but with simple actionable steps for the comedy writer to follow I feel like this text was exactly what I needed to help me level up my comedy writing However, much of the insight contained within can be applied to my improv and stand up Download How To Write Funny Author Scott Dikkers Undercostruction.eu The Definitive Humor Writing Handbook From A Top Comedy Pro This Easy To Follow Guide, Written By One Of The World S Most Successful Humor Writers, Lays Out A Clear System For Creating Funny Ideas That Get Big, Milk Coming Out Of Your Nose Laughs, Reliably And Repeatably You Ll Learn The 3 Sure Fire Ways To Generate Material The 11 Different Kinds Of Jokes And How To Tell Them The Secret To Permanently Overcoming Writer S Block And Many Tips, Tricks, And Techniques Table Of Contents 1 Introduction Use The Techniques In This Book To Reliably Create Top Notch Humor Writing Page 9 2 Your Brain S Comedy Engine Access Both Hemispheres Of Your Brain To Eliminate Writer S Block And Tap An Endless Reserve Of Comedy Ideas Page 19 3 The Humor Writer S Biggest Problem Overcome This One Devastating Obstacle To Reach The Widest Possible Audience Page 27 4 How To Get Laughs Understand The Different Kinds Of Laughs, And How To Generate The Best One Page 37 6 Subtext The Secret Ingredient Infuse Your Humor With This Vital Component To Create Writing That Makes People Laugh Page 51 6 The 11 Funny Filters Create Any Joke Using The 11 Fundamental Building Blocks Of Humor Page 61 Funny Filter 1 Irony Page 62 Funny Filter 2 Character Page 64 Funny Filter 3 Shock Page 70 Funny Filter 4 Hyperbole Page 74 Funny Filter 5 Wordplay Page 77 Funny Filter 6 Reference Page 81 Funny Filter 7 Madcap Page 85 Funny Filter 8 Parody Page 90 Funny Filter 9 Analogy 9 Page 4 Funny Filter 10 Misplaced Focus Page 96 Funny Filter 11 Metahumor Page 99 7 Using The Funny Filters Layer The Building Blocks To Create Increasingly Hilarious Jokes Page 105 8 Process Overview Master This Simple System To Become A Prolific Humor Writer Page 127 Click Look Inside To See I bought this book because I wanted to know about the 11 Funny Filters I ve seen online I had a suspicion the article was so thorough and obvious that I wouldn t need the book That s not true the book emphasises something the article did not The importance of subtext.What annoys me though, is the bad formatting and terrible copy editing Get you spelling, grammar and syntax right It s not that hard If he hadn t smugly said that, I might forgive forking out eight bucks for his ebook, because he admits at one point that grammar and spelling isn t his strong point.Dikkers is a good comedy writer He s not a trained teacher a heavily underrated skill in itself So when Dikkers tries to teach you how to write comedy, he can share his own taxonomy and it will help if you re a decent autodidact, but he ll tell you to go forth and make jokes far too early in the book, before you ve even read the chapter on funny filters In short, there s no scaffolding I can see there s a lot to be learned here, though, so I m digging back into it, this time making my own notes, finding my own examples He s held back quite a lot for his sequels and his paid courses, though Which is his right But you should know this from the get go, in case you think you re going to get the complete thoughts a la John Truby s Anatomy of Story, which I sense is the result of a lifetime s worth of thinking and analysing Like almost every male writing guru out there, Dikkers hasn t made any effort t According to Scott Dikkers, the nature versus nurture argument means nothing to comedy writing Because, according to him, being funny isn t an innate skill it can be learned That s the overriding theme of How to Write Funny Dikkers is one of the co founders of satirical news outlet The Onion You might think his book would be uproariously funny, but it s really not In fact, he writes up front, A lot of people who write books about how to write humor feel a pressure to make the book funny I won t be making any overt attempts I found How to Write Funny highly informative, especially the sections on subtext and elements of humor Dikkers disects numerous jokes and outlines the comedic strategy behind each When he explains the inner workings a simple one liner, you really understand the complexit Good tips for writing funny.I thoroughly enjoyed this book on writing humor Dikkers, creator of the Onion, has lots of tips for writing funny Lover the funny filter section, really good at dissecting what makes fun Great read This book has some fascinating insight to writing funny stuff, although I plan to use these tips to write jokes for stand up comedy rather than online content there s so much to be learned from what is said here I think it war This is among the best books I have read on writing humour The author founded The Onion, so he holds satire up as the highest form of humour he advocates expressing an opinion as a subtext before putting it throug This book was not funny, as it was not supposed to be I think one of the greatest potential impacts of this book would be teaching the reader how to appreciate good comedy The book shows how difficult it is to write funny and shows that a good writing requires a lot of hard work and practice.I think the book could have leveraged many examples throughout the text In many parts, the concepts were mechanically presented as facts, without any examples on them More inline samples could have greatly improved the impact For another group of examples, the author just mentioned the names of people or some certain comedy works, without stating the instances For me, as someone who does not know much about the literature in this area, these references were not much useful.There were several typos and grammar mistakes in the text The author emphasized the importan If you want to work as a comedy writer, this will definitely help you A lot of books on comedy writing are quite similar to each other, but I think this one stands out It will help you write much better jokes, and it ll help you come up with ideas and realize that writer s block is not a real thing Maybe it s hard to get an actual sense of whether or not a book is good even with a review, because you don t know me and you don t know my work, but I can tell you that I recently got hired at the French equivalent of The Onion, and I know this book had something to do with it Of course this book is

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