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Billions to Bust and Back Focus is the single most important skill you need in business, along with clear vision Thor Bjorgolfsson, Billions to Bust and Back, Page 198 Written by Iceland s first billionaire He is also the first business person to be involved in bankrupting the entire country He basically started from nothing and created a soft drink company and then a beer company, which he later sold The beer company he sold to Heineken for millions of dollars in 2002, as they wanted to enter the Russian beer market and his company had a popular brand.Most of the book covers the gross mistake he made in his home country of Iceland He, the government, his partners and others basically over leveraged Iceland s banking industry This caused the financial collapse of Iceland He takes responsibility in this book for his role and also shares how things could have been different if the government would have had better regulation, etc He kind of shifts the blame around a bit, so that it doesn t all fall on him He is a risk taker by nature He has since bounced back to billionaire status after his and his country s financial collapse, mostly with assets he had previously owned before the crash He is sometimes right on deals and sometimes wrong however, his rights have taken him back to billionaire status again and he seems to be very repentant and willing to moderate his behaviour now He has an itch to make deals, leverage and take risk in order to Thor Bjorgolfsson Is A Self Styled Adventure Capitalist With An Addiction To Debt And An Insatiable Appetite For Business Deals Who Became Iceland S First Billionaire After 10 Years Establishing His Financial Empire With Alco Pops And Beer In The Lawless Wild East Of Newly Capitalist Russia In The 1990s, He Moved On To Merging, Floating, Spinning Off And Privatising Businesses From Finland To Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece And The Czech Republic On His 40th Birthday, And Worth 3.5 Billion, He Was Sitting On Top Of The World Only 250 People In It Were Richer Than Him His Most Spectacular Triumph Was The Takeover Of Iceland S Second Largest Bank, Landsbanki He Had Expected His Investment S Value To Double Or Treble In Four Years, And Instead It Rose Ten Fold.But When Financial Meltdown Hit Iceland In October 2008, Landsbanki Crashed And Burned, Taking Bjorgolfsson With It Within 12 Months He Had Lost 3.3 Billion Euros 98.5% Of His Wealth And Was Treated As A Scapegoat In His Native Country For Supposedly Bringing About The Disaster Faced With Appalling Debts, Bjorgolfsson Has Made Good On His Promises To Repay His Creditors, And At The Age Of 47 Is Now A Billionaire Once Again. Very candid and hence, refreshing to read about a billionaire s fall from grace.1 His Russia experience in setting up a successful business there2 His experience with the mad lenders of the 2000s who were willing to fund his audacious dreams3 Th For me, 2 stars for writing but 5 stars for the story which grabbed me.Some good lessons for us all. Whether you love or hate his mercenary style of operating, you ll appreciate Bjorgolffson s story.Straightforward account, doesn t waste time trying to convince you of his brilliance One of the most direct and seemingly honest autobiographies I ve read.And best of all, there is zero virtue Great historyGreat history of Thor with recent facts of world economy Inspiration for all entrepreneurs Thank you a lot for this book. Given that the dust has largely settled following the financial crisis in Iceland, one would have expected this book to be a well edited piece of work, especially given the author s attitude towards his own reputation and public image.In reality, the book feels rushed, poorly constructed and almost as if it has not been edited at all The bizarre prognostications towards the end are just that bizarre, and left this reader in a state of confusion Does Mr Bj rg lfsson see himself as absolved of any responsibility in the eyes of the Icelandic public, and that the logical progression of his renaissance is to address the largest issues facing human kind I honestly don t know.Having said all this, it is easy to understand why this book is published now, and not a couple of years back First of all, people like Mr Bj rg lfsson have not exactly had a particularly sympathetic audience in Iceland perhaps why this book is published in English Secondly, he has now rebuilt his wealth to a large extent and is, once again, writing from the point of view of a winner He has settled his debts, met his obligations, and emer As an Icelander who experienced the chaotic period that came with the economic downturn in Iceland this book was a very interesting read Thor Bjorgolfsson was one of a handful of people that the Icelandic people blamed for the situation Being able to read about that period from his perspective is very interesting and what I found even interesting are the tales of how he build up his wealth through hard work and extreme situat Ok read Some chapters quite inspiring, such as the one about Russia The poor language ok language, but very Nordic and straigh forward English, and repetitive in his points was a bit tedious it felt like the book could have been written in 50 pages if you take ou Thor Bjorgolfsson story of going from broke to billionaire, to broke to Billionaire I enjoyed the backstory on his business deal making.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Billions to Bust and Back book, this is one of the most wanted Thor Bjorgolfsson author readers around the world.

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