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Healing the Lawman's Heart An Officer And A Lady Single Mom Julia Harrison Is The Last Person Tanner Reddington Should Get Involved With He S Promised To Stay Away From All Things Baby But The State Trooper S Protective Instincts Outweigh His Misgivings When He Meets The Lovely Midwife Julia Is Opening A Women S Clinic In Kirkwood Lake, While Raising Two Small Boys On Her Own Plagued By Memories Of The Family He Lost, Tanner Fights The Pull He Feels Toward Julia And Her Kids But When An Orphaned Newborn Brings Tanner And Julia Together, They Begin To Consider Their Future As Husband And Wife

About the Author: Ruth Logan Herne

Multi published, award winning, bestselling author Ruth Logan Herne is living her dream of being a published author and having the time of her life doing it Born to a poor family in Rochester, NY, Ruthy draws on her early years and her many years of dealing with today s young families and businesses to create beautiful, heartfelt small town stories of faith, hope and love while adopting her favorite non Scripture quotes Plenty of time for rest in the grave Ben Franklin and No one can make you feel inferior without your permission Eleanor Roosevelt and one can always depend on Yoda There is no try There is do or do not Succinct and true She loves chatting with readers on facebook at Ruth Logan Herne or follow Ruthy on Twitter, visit her website or stop by Seekerville www.seekerville.blogspot.com or pop by the Yankee Belle Cafe where Ruthy and several lovely authors share recipes, facts, photos and just plain old life www.yankeebellecafe.blogspot.com

10 thoughts on “Healing the Lawman's Heart

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    Reader beware this author packs an emotional punch so brace yourself Herne s strength is in finding grace among the broken Tanner and Julia are wounded people who have faced some of the worst life can offer but thankfully, they re both sur

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    Every once in a while I get an intense need to read something sweet, simple, and short I usually go to Love Inspired when I need a breezy read This is probably one of the better LI books I ve read Julia and Tanner are not perfect they grapple with

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    Another good book by Ruth.

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    I just finished reading this story andWOW The details that Ruth Logan Herne add to her stories make all the difference The people the town it all seems so real.And I want to share how much I appreciate that, instead of being happy when a difficult situation with

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    A great EMOTIONAL story of FORGIVENESS and HOPE Midwife Julia Harrison and state trooper Tanner Reddington had to deal with losses in their lives They are both strong, compassionate people, who must overcome resentment and bitterness Author Ruth Logan Herne weaves in the

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    I enjoyed reading Healing The Lawman s Heart by Ruth Logan Herne in the Kirkwood Lake series Tanner Reddington is a State Trooper in Kirkwood Lake since he moved there a few years ago after his wife and baby died He meets Julia Harrison the mother of two boys who is opening a cl

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    Healing the Lawman sHeartRuthLogan HerneWhen circumstances beat you down, it is hard to see your way back Both Tanner Reddington and Julia Harrison are trying to come back, but memories and issues of trust keep getting in the way Tanner begins to wonder if Julia and her family can heal

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    Ruth Logan Herne has a way of writing a story that makes you want to cry She did it again in this book with the sad story of Tanner Tanner lost a lot and now he s met a woman he wants to spend his life with But there is so much baggage in both their lives will they be able to overcome it and be

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    I loved this book I tried to make the book last a long time so I could savor it, but alas, I couldn t put the book down I have loved this series and this is no exception I will want to read this series again Even though this is part of a series, each book is stand alone I have fallen in love with the c

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    Great book in the Kirkwood Lake series In spite of it being part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone I think you will fall in love with the characters though like I did and want to read the rest of them They are all excellent As I said, I fell in love with the characters and couldn t put the book down

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