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The Fever Tree and Other Stories In This Collection Of Eleven Stories, Murder Is Committed For Reasons Of Fear, Jealously, Cupidity, And Out Of Sheer Compulsion, While The Settings Include An African Game Park, A Sinister Ruined Cemetery, An East Anglian Seaside Resort, And The Gloomy Purlieus Of Epping Forest.

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    I have quite a few Ruth Rendell and Barbara Vine books in my collection but I haven t read many of them I thoroughly enjoyed the unpredictable short stories in The Fever Tree , e

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    Just finished Loved this I love Ruth Rendell, especially The Crocodile Bird Don t care for her Inspector Wexford novels I don t like short stories, but these are magnificent I also ador

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    The short story The Fever Tree is one of the most perfect suspense stories ever written Ruth Rendell expertly guides the reader into worrying about future danger, and then pulls the rug out fr

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    4.5 starsThe fever tree 5The dreadful day of judgement 4A glowing future 5An outside interest 4A case of coincidence 3Thornapple 5May and June 4A needle for the devil 4Front seat 3Paintbox place 4The

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    A better collection than The Fallen Curtain, playful and engaging but still light years behind Celia Femlin s and Shirley Jackson t standards.All these stories have promising plots and characters but hardl

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    Is there a writer who does psychological suspense better than Ruth Rendell Lots of writers do books about crazed sadistic lunatics and Rendell has done her share of those But perhaps my favorite stories by her are

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    A collection of short stories of varying standard, each with a twist at the end As with all tales with twist the most successful are the ones you don t guess Unfortunately the majority of the twists were obvious from ear

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    short stories, some better than the others Really liked the story about the knitting nurse go figure

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    I normally enjoy this author but I felt cheated by the underdeveloped characters It reminded me why I don t like short stories.

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    The Fever Tree , so than any of the other stories in this collection, exemplify Rendell s style Her murderers are rarely obviously psychopathic killers, nor particularly suave or elegant they are ordinary people seized by idle curiosity and

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