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The Angel of Antioch Read The Angel Of Antioch Daniel Molyneux Realestatelawcenter.us A Parable Like Tale Of Spirituality, Religion, And Persecution Molyneux S Debut Reads Like Scripture, As It Tells A Story Of A Mysterious, Increasingly Popular Spiritual Instructor Set In The Ancient City Of Antioch, Some Two Centuries Before The Life Of Jesus Christ, The Tale Centers Around Elias, An Unassuming Teacher Who Awes His Ever Growing Audiences With His Eloquent Wisdom A Theologically Intriguing Novel That Mimics The Bible S Dramatic Presentation KIRKUS REVIEWA Stranger Appears In Antioch S Great House Of Prayer Speaking Words Filled With Power And Wisdom, Some Believe He Is An Angel, Others A Prophet But The Religious Leaders Reject His Words, Considering Him A Dangerous Fool And The Emperor Views Him As A Threat Soon The Empire S Capital Is Embroiled In Conflict Over The Stranger, Some Believing Him Good And Others Evil.To Find Out Go To

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    Elias is a stranger who appears in the Great Synagogue He is able to recite Scripture by heart and then speak passionately to the assembly before mysteriously disappearing He appears the following Sabbath and once again recites Scripture by heart before soon disappearing once again By the following Sabbath, stories of the stranger have spread throughout Antioch and t

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    Friend, most religion is a human creation Faith in the Mighty One is what matters most California author Daniel Molyneux has earned degrees in drama he also studied Shakespeare at London s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art , economics and theology THE ANGEL OF ANTIOCH is his debut novel, though his second book ELIAS PROVERBS is soon to be released Daniel s writing explore

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    Elias was a teacher spiritual guide who was first introduced in the author s book, The Angel of Antioch Elias appeared in Antioch, an ancient city in biblical times, speaking words of wisdom and offering guidance on life and its values Revered by many for his wisdom and considered a prophet or angel by some, religious leaders felt threatened and considered him a d...

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    When dealing with another s wrongs, be gentle and full of love California author Daniel Molyneux has earned degrees in drama he also studied Shakespeare at London s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art , economics and theology doctorate from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California THE ANGEL OF ANTIOCH was his debut novel his second book ELIAS PROVERBS is now available and serv

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    Elias ProverbsBy Daniel MolyneuxThis is a well written, easy to read, book of wise poetic proverbs Yutan is sharing the knowledge that he heard in Syria from Elias The book contains proverbs for daily life, wealth, love and marriage, sexual intimacy, and parenting Although different than Herman Hesse s famed Siddhartha, Molyneux s book of proverbs reminded me of this cla

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    ELIA S Proverbs, ISBN 9780691351208, Moriah Books, an e book by Daniel R Molyneux.The volume begins with a thoughtful Introduction containing the following closing sentence It is my heartfelt prayer that the poetic proverbs contained in this book will enrich your life in some small way, becoming yet another verse in your own personal spiritual song This is followed by a f

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    It is important to be informed whenever you enter a conversation or debate, and for that reason, I occasionally dip into newer religious waters so that I can be fully informed when the next inevitable chat arises about religion, spirituality, and the afterlife I don t pursue these conversations, but they seem to find me Elias Proverbs gave some new insight into the quality

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    The Angel of Antioch, by Daniel Molyneux, was a new type of read for me When I read the premise I knew I had to give it a try, but didn t expect it to be as good as it actually was Molyneux s writing style simply blew me away, and this story was extremely easy to follow from start to finish Very interesting characters, and extremely interesting plot This novel contains all

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    Reading religious books is not something I commonly do, but when one comes across my path that isbased on morality and proverbial wisdom, then I amlikely to flip through those pages Upon the recommendation of a trusted reading companion, I took a chance on Elias Proverbs, and was pleased that I did Unlike so many other religious books , this wasn t based on hitting readers o

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