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Connect: How companies succeed by engaging radically with society Drawing On The Professional Experience Of John Browne, Former CEO Of BP, And The Insight Of Two McKinsey Experts, Connect Articulates And Explores The Recurring Rift Between Big Business And Society, Offering A Practical Manifesto For Reconciliation This Timely And Important Book Features Candid Interviews With Global Leaders At The Heart Of This Debate, From Facebook S Sheryl Sandberg And Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein To Tony Blair And Tim Berners Lee, Inventor Of The World Wide WebConnect Shows How Companies And Executives Can Enhance Their Performance By Engaging Radically With The World Around Them

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    John Browne, a British businessman whose impressive resume includes a decade plus stint as CEO of British Petroleum, contends that businesses will not survive the near future unless they radically e

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    My take Working in natural resources, I found this book very valuable reading, though am somewhat less sanguine about its conclusion that a radical transformation in public trust is so readily on offer My vie

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    130 dreadful pages of political upheaval and corporation perils due to mishandling of PR before going into the actual topic Barely scratches the surface of the topic and rather abrupt, ambiguous and inconclusive.

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    This book was tough in that, though I think many of his ideas are laudable, the author uses business doublespeak in trying to convince me that an oil company can ever truly care about the environment, and it s painful when he ba

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    A good thesis of business engaging openly with society Some interesting examples, but it waffles on into completely irrelevant areas, either trying to build context or build up the credentials of the author.

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    Connect and engage with society this is the rallying call to businesses by this impactful little book.Written by the former chief executive officer of BP and two top McKinsey executives, the book takes a hard look at how big businesses connect orac

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    Extracts from the book i found particularly useful Location 1400 Technology driven transparency is shifting the balanced of power away from traditional institutions such as governments and companies towards individuals Social media has redefined the way we i

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    If I could give this book a negative rating I would The sheer hypocritical audacity of this guy is breathtaking He starts in the opening saying how sad he was about the loss of life as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill What he neglects to say is that his own

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    Really next level stuff but it isn t light reading like your typical business book Not very speed readable.Rather than delivering they key principles through anecdotes Browne weaves in history from over the last two millennia Loved it

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    I agree that this book has a great idea and great concept but it is written absolutely terribly I felt like I was reading 400 pages of badly written, robotic essays.

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