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The Fangs of Bloodhaven (Monster Asylum, #1) Being A Teenage Vampire In A Human Family Isn T Easy, Especially In A City Where Harboring Any Monster Subspecies Is Illegal When Everett Is Injured Attempting To Save A Werewolf, She Takes Him To The Monster Asylum, A Place That Shouldn T Exist, And Introduces Him To A World Of Acceptance And Possibility Dark Creatures Begin To Plague The Five Cities Everett S Ability To Fight Against Them Makes Him Irreplaceable If The Human World That Fears Him Can Accept A Vampire As A Hero.

10 thoughts on “The Fangs of Bloodhaven (Monster Asylum, #1)

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    What a rollercoaster, wow I never ever cried when reading a vampire book, but I did this time.I must say it s the best vampire book I ve read since ever.One of the best books ever read so far.

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    Next book pleaseI really enjoyed this book Just a warning it ends at a Cliffhanger I really enjoyed this book I also can not wait till the next one.

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    The story was good, until there was a cliffhanger Would have earned four stars without it.

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    Great story telling Cheree Alsop does not disappoint in her books I have liked the books she has written that I have read so far She talks of werewolves, vampires, etc that have to work through prejudices of the human race They have to persevere through the toughest of situations and prevail on th...

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    I enjoyed reading this book Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down The main character Everett who is not your normal teenager, is trying to find his place in society You cannot help the fee...

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    I had a hard time with this one because I was such a huge fan of werewolf academy Rett was a good protagonist, although his scenes of angst got to be a little much at times I did enjoy his family and the family dynamics And, as usual, her books are filled with unexpected humor and intelligent wit.

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    The Monster Asylum.This was a wonderful book to read The Monster Asylum was hard to put down Can t wait for the next book of the Fangs of Bloodhaven Series,to know what happened to the twins.

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    I like vampires, so naturally when I met Cheree Alsop at Salt Lake Comic Con and she told me what this book was about, I had to buy it That was in September Now, than three months later, I just finished reading it, and the only thing I regret now is waiting so long The Fangs of Bloodhaven is a post apocalyptic coming of age novel about a young vampire who discovers that he s capable of than he ever thoug

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