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#Struggles Struggles Ebook Author Craig Groeschel Bandcamptomp3.co.uk We All Love The Benefits Of Technology And Social Media, But Even With The Incredible Upsides, Many Of Us Suspect There Are Unintended Negative Consequences That Are Beyond Our Control We Ve Lost Perspective, Even Perhaps Ourselves.In This Timely And Life Changing New Audiobook, New York Times Bestselling Author And Pastor Of LifeChurch.tv Craig Groeschel Encourages Listeners Who Are Hungry To Regain Control Over Their Lives And Put Christ First Again He Walks Them Through Biblical Values That All Christ Followers Know Are Essential, But Are Even Important For Our Maxed Out, Selfie Centered World.The You Compare, The Less Satisfied You Are The We Interact Online, The We Crave Face To Face Intimacy, But The Harder It Is To Find The Filtered Our Lives Become, The Challenging It Is To Be Authentic The Information About The Pain In The World We Re Exposed To The Difficult It Is To Care.It S Time To Refresh And Rediscover Our Understanding Of The Biblical Principles That Life With Christ Brings Contentment, Intimacy, Authenticity, Compassion, Rest, And Groeschel Taps In To Some Of The Most Up To Date Studies On The Effects Of Social Media On Our Emotions And Our Friendships And He Offers Real Life Examples Of How We Struggle With Social Media, How It Masks Our Real Struggles, And How We Can Reclaim A Christ Centered Life.With Helpful Appendices Like The 10 Commandments Of Using Social Media To Strengthen Your Faith, And Creating Safeguards For Your Digital Devices, You Ll FindStruggles To Be Just The Guide To Bring Balance And Real Life Engagement To Your Everyday Life.

About the Author: Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel is the founding and senior pastor of Life.Church, a multisite church with attenders at locations around the United States and globally at Life.Church Online Craig and Amy started Life.Church in a two car garage in Edmond, Oklahoma in January 1996 While Life.Church has grown over the years, its mission remains the same to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ T

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    It s a very helpful book for any human being dealing with Social Media The first one on this topic I read and I needed it.I identify so much with lots of the things he mentioned I especially like how he talks to you as a friend He pretty much says look, I m not in the business of conde

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    As a person who struggles with comparisons, social media can magnify my inadequacies Do you use social media as a distraction from the demands of the day Or when you re bored Tired Lonely As Craig Groeschel writes Life is not about how many likes you get It is all about how much love you show

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    This book was hard for me Not that it was difficult to read it was very well written and easy to read But it was tough because it dealt directly with some things that I had already been thinking and wrestling through myself It was one of those situations where God has been putting something on your he

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    In all honesty this is probably of a 3.5, but I typically round up for an author I like A lot of this, for a mature and self controlled individual, is a lot of understood information The value for a believer is how to control your temptation and addiction to social media, and your interaction with it in a wa

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    I personally have a love hate relationship with social media I wish it didn t bring out some of my worst characteristics, but sometimes it does Reading struggles helped me see that I m not the only person who deals with this and that there are methods and tactics to use to help me handle social media better Not only

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    The subtitle is Following Jesus in a Selfie Centered World and Groeschel looks at the way that technology, specifically social media, can get in the way of knowing, loving and following Jesus.

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    I was a bit wary of this one, to be honest There are enough people pastors books out there telling us how technology has made us worse, the dangers of it, etc That said, I was impressed with this one and how the author chose to go about it I felt the book was very thorough, and came from a very Biblical perspective.Groeschel comes a

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    This was one of those books that I didn t think I needed to read until I actually started it Craig calls out our addiction to technology in a way that opened my eyes to see just how much control it has over certain areas of my life This is a superbly important book that everyone living in today s digital age would benefit from reading It s

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    This books explains the ways that social media and the internet affects our lives, in any way, negatively or positively Spiritually I have went downhill because I focus on social media then bible study, but without social media, I would not have found friends or my boyfriend whom have ...

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    I think the intent behind this book was good and the author brought up some really good points However, I think it was much wordy and repetitive than it needed to be The author talks about the problems we face with social medi...

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