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Sacrifice (Tribute #1) Read Sacrifice Tribute 1 Author Kate Pearce Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Awaiting Execution On A Foreign Planet, Anna Lee Has Nothing Left To Lose Until Commander Rehz Akran Offers Her A Chance To Escape Her Fate Anything Is Better Than Death, But When Her Training For Akran S Mysterious Mission Begins, The Brutality Is Hard To Take Especially Since Anna Has No Idea What The Workouts, Beatings, And Endless Sexual Demands Are Preparing Her For.Rehz Akran Doesn T Deal With Failure He S Determined That His Last Trainee Will Survive Her Immersion In An Unimaginably Alien World And Return Alive Even If It Means She Ll Hate Him Forever He Needs To Stay Detached, But His New Recruit Makes That Impossible Soon He S Willing To Defy His Own Training For A Chance To Forge A True Connection With Anna.It S Rehz S Job To Teach Anna To Survive As A Tribute And If She Does, It S His Task To Help Her Overcome The Trauma Of The Experience But This Time He Isn T Doing It To Save His Planet This Time He S Doing It For Love.Reader Discretion Advised This Title Contains The Following Sensitive Themes Dubious Consent, Non Consent, Explicit Violence, Heavy Kink

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    This was pure smut kinky alien smut and I really enjoyed it I even enjoyed the story, insane as it was The alien monsters are seriously terrifying Facing them is certainly not what I thought they were being trai...

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    Reader discretion advised This title contains the following sensitive themes Dubious Consent, Non Consent, Explicit Violence, Heavy KinkFor fans of a darker sex filled dystopian kind of romp Think Hunger Games meets Alien meets Elysium The first 50% of this 125 page read consists

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    More reviews and no fluff on the blog Sometimes, it can be fun to read a spicier Sci Fi somethingabout interactions than space battles, people rather than spaceships Sacrifice, however, was so poorly written that not only was I not having fun, I was completely bored and trying really hard

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    The aliens will leave the people of Mitan alone as long as they have a tribute.I was curious about this trilogy and pleased to have the opportunity to review it I was drawn into the story from the first word We are not told why Anna Lee stowed away on space ship or how she ended up on the wrong plan

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    I really struggled with how to rate and review SACRIFICE I love fantasy romance and I am pretty willing to step out and try new worlds but I have to reluctantly admit that Pearce traumatized me with this one I didn t go into this story with any particular expectations however there was no way to be truly prep

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    Anna Lee is awaiting execution on a foreign planet When given the choice to face death or a mysterious mission.she picks the mission and waits on pins and needles to find out exactly what she signed up for.Rehz Akran is assigned to train Anna and since he knows what might happen on her secret mission he is ready to do

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    I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Smut This describes the book to a T It s all kinds of smut Straight smut Gay smut Bi smut Kinky smut Alient smut However, I enjoyed this smut The storyw as actually promising Human woman from earth gets imprisoned and sentenced to de

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    So it was quite fortuitous that I picked up this short story novella on Halloween, because if you d told me it included aliens and tentacles and all sorts of sordid, creepy stuff before I d started, I would have put it in the horror basket In my brain, tentacles and creatures that have them looked a little something like this I ve never i

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    Wow, I m not sure how to write this review The book should really come with a warning because this is not everyone s cup of tea The majority of the book is brutal The violence is way beyond what I was prepared for and it was rather shocking Now that all being said it has to be noted that it really did fit the story of the book It was understandable

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    Be warned, this is a dark read with dubious consent Includes M F, M M and M M F Anna Lee has two options death or training for a mission she knows little about and the training is brutal, workouts, beatings and endless sexual demands This was an excellent beginning to a new series The characte...

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