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The Dirty Game: Uncovering the Scandal at FIFA In The Dirty Game, Investigative Reporter And BBC Panorama Presenter Andrew Jennings, Who Has Been Heralded Around The World For His Decade Long Pursuit Of This Story, Uncovers The Eye Watering Level Of Fraud And Criminal Activity At The Heart Of FIFA, Which Has Been Described As The Biggest Sporting Scandal Of The Century From Blatter To Blazer, From Bribery To Embezzlement, Jennings Reveals The Key Protagonists, Crimes And Evidence He Handed To The FBI Which Led To The Arrests Of FIFA Executive And The Resignation Of Sepp Blatter Written In A Gripping Narrative, And Based On Years Of Research And Never Before Seen Documents, This Is The Definitive Portrait Of The Downfall Of FIFA, And The Men Who Stole Football

About the Author: Andrew Jennings

Andrew JenningsAndrew Jennings is an internationally respected journalist, writer and film maker His seminal book exposing Olympic corruption The Lords of the Rings was an international bestseller in 1992 He has written for The Times, Daily Mail, Sunday Times and New Statesman as well as for publications all over Europe For many years he produced and reported for Granada TV s World in Action and also for BBC radio and televisionbio

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    This book was recommended to me by a friend who knows that although I do not follow football, I enjoy books about white collar crime and other forms of corruption, topics which I find interesting to learn about.However, what I did not enjoy about this book is how the author has allowed his passion to blight the story by using the book as an outlet for his anger Instead of w

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    Andrew Jennings with the B.B.C s Panorama programmes first exposed the criminal cess pit that is F.I.F.A I remember watching some of those broadcasts Jennings 2014 update The Dirty Game uncovers a monumental scandal in World football that has been operating for decades and that has only been fully exposed in the last few years Bribes, kickbacks, fraud, money laundering, match fixing

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    An eye opening book that unravels mysteries and stories that were not highlighted enough in the media because of FIFA s influence around the globe A must read for every football fan and every anti corruption enthusiast Any news regarding FIFA officials will feel even better to my heart and mind from now on.Andrew Jennings must be celebrated as he is truly the unsung hero of the game s fans.

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    Jennings n est pas le meilleur crivain qui soit mais la qualit de son travail et l ampleur de la corruption qu il d taille rendent ce livre important pour ceux qui aiment le foot mais d plorent qu il soit dans les mains d une mafia.

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    I found this book quite entertaining, although the Author has a very one sided point of view on the topic, maybe due to his journalist background This ruins the criticality of the book but nonetheless some good inside information on the topic that keeps you thinking.

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    Ontluisterend verhaal Niet goed geschreven, qua stijl lastig te volgen als je geen insider bent het boek veronderstelt toch vrij veel voorkennis.

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    How does one counter embedded corruption, aka organised crime Reading Andrew Jenning s account of his crusade against thievery at FIFA and it s constituents, the only conclusion one can reach is with great difficulty, many setbacks, few victories, and even the latter diminished by the gnawing doubts that the replacements are not any better than their crooked predecessors A sobering thought for South Africans who are keenly fol

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    Jennings is in his element pulling apart the corrupt sham which Blatter oversaw, insightful and infuriating for a fan of the game

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    Interesting book with lot of insights into the world of professional scumbags without a snippet of consciousness.

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