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Lollipop (Candy Man, #3) Ezra Kellerman Flew Across Country To See If He Had Another Chance With The Man He Let Slip Through His Fingers He Didn T Rico Has Moved On, But He Doesn T Just Leave His Ex High And Dry Instead, Rico Entrusts His Family And Friends With Ezra S Care Ezra, Confused, Hurt, And Lost, Clings To Rico S Cousin And His Boyfriend As The Lifelines They Are But Their Friend Miguel Is Another Story.Miguel Rodriguez Had Great Plans And Ambition But A Hearty Dose Of Real Life Crushed Those Flat When Miguel Finds Himself Partially In Charge Of The Befuddled, Dreamy, Healing Ezra, He S Pretty Resentful At First But Ezra S Placid Nature And Sincere Wonder At The Simple Life Miguel Has Taken For Granted Begin To Soften Miguel S Hardened Shell Miguel Starts To Notice That Ezra Isn T Just Amazingly Sweet He S Achingly Beautiful As Well Suddenly Miguel Is Fending Off Every Single Man On The Planet To Give Ezra Room To Get Over Rico While Fighting A Burning Suspicion That The Best Thing To Help Ezra Get Over His Broken Heart Is Miguel. edit 30 4 16 I will not be reading Selfie even though I bought it from Riptide I understand that the author has pooped again and rubbish has appeared in that book which Riptide s owners have now publicly agreed is not acceptable in any way, shape or form The author has been requested to amend her original work I can only say Adios Amy, it s been a blast but all good things have definitely amy, wyd a me, him, and her review special.me ok kids, let s do this shit already bcuz i have scones in the oven and a harry potter marathon queued up in plex and i need to scrape the filth from my spirit with a cleansing shitpost her 11 him 11 whather 11 separate references to poopme amy no.him hello dreamspinner editing, i ve never met a ghost beforeher these boys would literally pause to remind each other to go take a poop, like harassed parentsme i ve done that before it s always been well receivedher also, where there were than two poop references on a page i counted them as one, sohim so it could have been even than 11her like 13 maybe or 14 in 250 pages so, basically, once every 18 pages someone talked about poopme i m having a good time picturing you going through it with a pad and pencil, counting angrilyhim it s true tho the last time i saw so many references to shit in a book i was reading everyone poops to my kidme but can we talk about the race stuffher dudehim duuuuuuuuudeme DUDEher the one black character is described as slutty and omnisexual me when he wasn t being compared to jungle animals, you mean, surelyhim when she described him she used the word dark three times in the same sentence and then said he moved like a jungle cat me jinx, bitch punches you in the dick him his only r 4 Stars That was like reinventing sex for me I didn t know it came like that Yeah that was like a whole other flavor, Miguel agreed Like lollipops, Ezra said Like if you just taste them, they re supposed to just taste like cherry But if you believe they re than that, they really taste like rainbows Ezra came to Sacramento to find Rico Instead, he found Miguel Miguel who shows him the ropes, hugs him when he cries, and takes him home to meet his mom Miguel, who cares and nurtures and is always around Miguel is Ezra s person, just like Ezra is his Jake the cat wants Ezra too, but that s mostly just for petting At 28, Ezra doesn t even know who he is He just knows he doesn t belong in New York and has to get away from his homophobic, racist, controlling father In California, beastly summer heat notwithstanding, he finds a HOME Yeah, he sleeps on Finn and Adam s couch and works at a candy shop for minimum wage, but he s FREE The burn here is slow, but I didn t mind This book is as much about finding your place in the world as it is about discovering real love, that one in a million guy who is there for you, the guy who takes you to Disneyland along with his little nieces and nephew And you actually have FUN Miguel is like the ying to Ezra s yang When Miguel gets possessiv

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