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The Meaning of Science: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science Science Has Produced Explanations For Everything From The Mechanisms Of Insect Navigation To The Formation Of Black Holes And The Workings Of Black Markets But How Much Can We Trust Science, And Can We Actually Know The World Through It How Does Science Work And How Does It Fail And How Can The Work Of Scientists Help Or Hurt Everyday People These Are Not Questions That Science Can Answer On Its Own This Is Where Philosophy Of Science Comes In Studying Science Without Philosophy Is, To Quote Einstein, To Be Like Somebody Who Has Seen Thousands Of Trees But Has Never Seen A Forest Cambridge Philosopher Tim Lewens Shows Us The Forest He Walks Us Through The Theories Of Seminal Philosophers Of Science Karl Popper And Thomas Kuhn And Considers What Science Is, How Far It Can And Should Reach, And How We Can Determine The Nature Of Its Truths And Myths These Philosophical Issues Have Consequences That Stretch Far Beyond The Laboratory For Instance What Role Should Scientists Have In Policy Discussions On Environmental Issues Such As Fracking What Are The Biases At Play In The Search For A Biological Function Of The Female Orgasm If Brain Scans Can Be Used To Demonstrate That A Decision Was Made Several Seconds Before A Person Actually Makes A Conscious Choice, What Does That Tell Us About The Possibility Of Free Will By Examining Science Through This Philosophical Lens, Lewens Reveals What Physics Can Teach Us About Reality, What Biology Teaches Us About Human Nature, And What Cognitive Science Teaches Us About Human Freedom A Masterful Analysis Of The Biggest Scientific And Ethical Issues Of Our Age, The Meaning Of Science Forces Us To Confront The Practical, Personal, And Political Purposes Of Science And Why It Matters To All Of Us

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Meaning of Science: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science book, this is one of the most wanted Tim Lewens author readers around the world.

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    It s traditional for scientists to get the hump about philosophy of science As Tim Lewens, Professor of the Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge points out, the great Richard Feynman was highly dismissive of the topic But most of us involved in sci

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    This is an enjoyably old fashioned kind of book that wanders with agreeable authority over eclectic topics in both the sciences and in philosophy, these topics being linked by their considerable importance and continued interest Much of the first half deals with Popper a

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    The Meaning of Science, an introductory text on the philosophy of science and part of a wider Pelican series, is an admirable effort to distill and simplify the main topics and their history within the philosophy of science.Lewens begins with elucidating some of the epistemolog

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    Very good introduction to the Philosophy of Science, one I particularly like because Lewens seems to share my distate for metaphysical work that s too far upstream from actual scientific work This means there s thankfully little about say the nature of laws or causation Instead he sti

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    Kitab n da pek bir numaras olmamakla birlikte bu denli k t bir terc meyi basmak olacak i de il bence

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    Pelican books have a wonderful if now not terribly well known place in this country s cultural history They hark back to a time when popular culture didn t seem to be constantly chasing the lowest common denominator, but where there was a place for intellectual optimism, for a Reithian spirit of se

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    In the introduction to his book, Tim Lewens provides a warming assurance to the reader that a knowledge of neither Science nor Philosophy is a pre requisite for grasping the nuances contained within The Meaning of Science However such an assurance is reneged upon in the very first Chapter when the author

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    A friendly introduction to the philosophy of science, dealing with Popper and Kuhn, human nature, free will, and the realism anti realism debate Lewens himself defends a version of scientific realism The book is lucid and accessible and serves as an excellent introduction I would have likedspace for thinkers lik

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