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A Royal Christmas to Remember Very treacly And thank goodness those manly men were around to save the poor helpless females Those glaring problems aside, however, it s a nice story about remembering that Christmas isn t just about presents and decorations. A Royal Christmas to Remember is a children s book for ages 4 8 years old The illustrations are of the animated movie style and do a good job of illustrating the text, though I never did figure out which princess was which It s a nice story about what Christmas is really about It included the father reading to the princesses about Christ s birth, and they sing a Christmas song.Yet the main lesson of the story seemed to be that Christmas is about sharing rather than greedily their words at the very end storing up things for yourself I thought what they decided to share was very odd, though The village had been burned and many precious items stolen, yet the princesses give awaytheir Christmas decorations And their gifts.A sacrifice, to be sure, but I m thinking the villagers would have better appreciated an invitation to stay at that large castle until their houses were fixed or something pr Reading A Royal Christmas To Remember Author Jeanna Young A Sweet And Exciting Holiday Story Featuring Brave Princesses And Knights Working Together At Christmas To Bring The Message Of God S Love To All Those Around Them.In This Newest Adventure In The Princess Parables Series A Royal Christmas To Remember Princesses Joy, Grace, Faith, Charity, And Hope Find Themselves In The Midst Of A Scene Right Out Of A Holiday Fairytale With Beautiful Decorations, Gifts, And A Winter Wonderland Surrounding Them But The Threat Of Bandits In The Village Lead The King Away From The Castle On Christmas Eve Suddenly, The Bandits Come Crashing Into The Castle Praying To God For Courage And Safety, The Princesses Are Soon Rescued By Five Brave Young Knights And Then Do Some Rescuing Themselves The Next Day, The Princesses Go To The Village To See How They Can Be Of Help To The People And Discover That The True Meaning Of Christmas Is Honoring God And Giving Glory For The Greatest Gift Of All.A Royal Christmas To Remember Includes Beautiful Full Color IllustrationsIs Based On The Parable Of The Young Ruler Found In Luke 12 15 21Has A Front Cover Featuring Lots Of Holiday GlitterIntroduces Five Brave Knights To The Princess Series About the Book With the arrival of the most spectacular winter in years and Christmas only a night away, Princesses Joy, Grace, Faith, Charity, and Hope find themselves in the midst of a scene right out of a holiday fairytale in this newest adventure in the Princess Parables series A Royal Christmas to Remember But then the threat of bandits in the village lead the king away from the castle on Christmas Eve Suddenly, the bandits come crashing into the castle Praying to God for courage and safety, the princesses are soon rescued by five brave knights and then do some rescuing themselves The next day, the princesses go to the village to see how they can be of help to the people, discovering that the true meaning of Christmas is honoring and giving glory for the greatest gift of all.My Review The author of The Princess Parables is at it again with this sweet story about Christmas What would Christmas be like without at least one princess story The story takes place just after a blanket of fresh fallen snow with the castle all decked out for Christmas The princesses were excited because Christmas was only one day away But as the fans of The Princess Parables know there is always a lesson to be learned by the princesses and this story is no different Soon the princesses and their family are in utter danger They need God to send someone to rescue them and He does After a very rough and trying experience the princesses lear I received this book from the author publisher for the purpose of this review All comments and opinions are entirely my own.This entire series is an excellent one to own and in regards to the latest release, A Royal Christmas to Remember, one that would make any young girl happy on Christmas morning.The five princesses exercise modeling Christ in their heritage as daughters of the King on Christmas morning This book shows prayer, strong family values, and unique personalities as we follow each princess in their desires to do what is right.The story is enjoyable with some healthy suspense for youngsters and also demonstrates respectable attitudes from the young men present The illustrations definitely add to the story s quality with their sharpness and with how realistic they look.Overall, I am happy to rate A Royal Christmas to Remember 5 out of 5 stars and recommend to families that have young princesses always ready to read a new book This revie A Royal Christmas to Remember is the 13th book in a series called Princess Parables written by Jeanna Stolle Young The story focuses on five princesses Joy, Grace, Faith, Charity, and Hope The weather has turned and winter has arrived The girls are very excited for the holiday season that is coming.The girls are focused on having the best Christmas ever They want the decorations to be perfect and the presents to be spectacular While they are focused on decorations and presents they lose sight of what the true meaning of Christmas is all about.While the girls are distracted by materialistic objects a group of bandits ride into town and try to steal all the presents This helps snap the girls back out of their focus on objects and remember what the true meaning of Christmas is Christmas is about the celebration of Jesus s birth not about presents.With the holidays right around the corner, I think this is a great book for the whole family It s easy to get I had never heard of the Princess Parables series before I received an ARC review from the publisher last week The cover art is really colorful and features glitter on the princesses dresses All the illustrations are well done with bright colors All the princesses look like they came from a Disney animated movie.The story is really cute, and I m sure young readers can relate to the young princesses, who are excited about Christmas Day While the princesses have been raised to be nice to everyone, they are hogging all their decorations and gifts I was hesitant about this book because of the whole princess theme We seem to get over run with princess stuff, but this book really surprised me There are spoiled little princesses but then something happens and their Christmas plans are ruined Because of the seriousness of what has happened their hearts are changed and they realize what Christmas is all about, and no that is not the gifts and biggest tree I think this would make a great little girl gift, and Girls are going to love this glittery cover and the five princesses named Joy, Grace, Faith, Charity and Hope, as they celebrate the holiday season and learn about how to share the love of Christ.My daughter is nine and we had fun reading this together Five princesses are focused on decorating for Christmas with a big bang They go all out, thinking only about themselves, getting decorations, and what presents they will be receiving until a band of marauders invades the town the night before Christmas and steals most of the Christmas cheer The girls learn to share their Christmas joy with others less fortunate and in the end find true happiness that comes from helping others.This is a cute story, with beautiful illustrations and pictures There are several young gentlemen who save the princesses when the thieves show up at the castle while the king is away They are rewarded with the honor of knighthood Back at the castle, after re decorating the town and sharing their gifts the King reads the Christmas Story from their mother s Bible and they sing their mother s favorite Christmas song, Joy to the World, together It ends as a Christmas they will never forget.The message is encouraging us to think of others during the Christmas season The end demonstrates the true joy of the season, the joy of giving There are various references to certain stories in Scripture in a subtle way, such as the parable of the man who says to himself, What shall I do I will tear d ting task this time of year to keep young children focused on the true reason we celebrate Christmas The decorations and pretty packages under the tree just add to the excitement of the season, but sometimes in all the hype leading up to the blessed day we lose focus.That s just where the five princesses find themselves The situation concerns their father the king but before he can do something about it a crisis in the kingdom arises and he must go and deal with it Not surprising but that very crisis is what brings about realization that their priorities have been misplaced.My granddaughters and I have been enjoying these lovely Princess Parables books Through the use of a delightful cast of characters the writers bring to light an important portion of Scripture in a parable type of format This time the reference is from Luke 12 15 21 In this portion of Scripture Jesus is reminding His followers to be on guard against all types of greed My favorite part of the book is the ending where The Princesses Journal is located It reminds the reader that Christmas is a time of giving We are celebrating the fact that God was willing to give His one and only Son to be an atonement for us The authors remind us that Christmas is a time of giving and reflecting Jesus to others What a great reminder for our ch

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