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Sloppy Seconds An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found Here.As Soon As My Husband Gerald Failed To Fulfil Me Sexually And I D Cheated On Him For The First Time, During Which I Had Some Of The Best Sex Of My Entire Life , I Told Him We Needed To Find A Solution That Would Work For Both Of Us To Keep Our Marriage Alive.I Don T Think He Ever Dreamed That Solution Would Involve Us Cruising Around The Murky City Streets In Our Car, Looking For Complete Strangers Capable Of Giving Me The Uninhibited Hardcore Sex I Craved No Condoms, No Catch, During Which They Would Drive Me Wild With Lust.And Then Afterwards, With Me Riding On The Crest Of An Orgasmic Wave, And When My Poor, Poor, And Decidedly Pathetic Cuckolded Husband Was Seething With Shame And Humiliation, I Would Maybe Allow Him To Join Me And Climb On Board, So He Could Have His Sloppy Seconds.How Hateful Must He Be Of His Cheating Wife At That Moment After Seeing Me Reclining In The Back Of Our Car So Wantonly, Legs Spread Wide, Everything On Show And Available Happy For Anyone Off The Street To Hop In The Back And Take Me In Any Way Anal, Oral, Vaginal Maybe Even All Over My Lovely Big Breasts If They Wanted, I Didn T Care, As Long As They Make Me Come Like A Fucking Steamtrain Something That Was Now Way Beyond His Capabilities ZOE M BATES Writes Extremely Hardcore And Often Emotionally Cruel Femdom Female Domination Stories, The Contents Of Which Some Readers Might Find Offensive However If You Love Graphic Sex Scenes Featuring Women In Full Control, Who Get Their Sexual And Emotional Kicks From Their Total Domination Of Men, Please Do Read On STRICTLY ADULTS ONLY Zoe M Bates, Sloppy Seconds Zoe M Bates, 2011 Warning there s going to be some possibly uncomfortable explicit discussion of kink in this review I assume that if you actually landed on this page assuming you re reading this at or what have you , you know what you re getting into But just in case you re not, we re going to be discussing cuckoldry If that makes you squeamish, you ll want to stop reading now If you don t even know what that word means, you not only want to stop reading now, you want to go find a different website and hang out there for a while before returning to wherever you found this.It sucks to find a whole passel of literature that seems to cater to one or of your particular kinks, so much so that it seems like the authors jacked straight into your brain, and then find out that you ve got something else entirely Now, perhaps I should be shouldering the blame for this in not keeping up with trends in kink, but when I think cuckoldry, I think the definition that pops up in the second paragraph of the cuckold page on wikipedia In modern usage, a cuckold can also mean a m Bates appears to have a handle on taking eroticism to a higher level I felt this book was a copy of my life. I have read 4 of her other books but this one I really like She tells her husband he is only good for sloppy seconds because he can t satisfied her sexually Which she taunts him when she hooks up with two male strangers.

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