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A gyertyák csonkig égnek PDF Epub A Gyerty K Csonkig Gnek Author S Ndor M Rai Vinoschilenos.eu The Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller, Available As A Penguin Essential For The First Time.A Castle At The Foot Of The Carpathian Mountains In The 1930s Two Men, Inseparable In Their Youth, Meet For The First Time In Forty One Years They Have Spent Their Lives Waiting For This Moment.Four Decades Earlier A Murky, Traumatic Event Something To Do With A Betrayal, And A Woman Led To Their Sudden Separation Now, As Their Lives Draw To A Close, The Devastating Truth About That Moment Will Be Revealed Embers Is A Masterpiece An Unforgettable Story Of Passion, Fidelity, Truth And Deception.

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    I ve been on a binge reading Hungarian authors lately and Sandor Marai is the master This is the 6th book of his I have read.The time is during the Austro Hungarian Empire in 1899 An isolated man has been waiting 41 years for a visit from his former

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    Sandor Marai was born in 1900 in the former Austrian Hungarian Empire at a time when honor to one s country was of the upmost importance A staunch anti fascist following the rise of the iron curtain, Marai was forced to flee his homeland and lived out his rem

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    Beautiful words that form sentences that makes one stop and think A exquisitely written story, very descriptive, one can picture the scenes down to the minutest of detail Friendship, the most expressive definition of a friendship between two men from different backgrou

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    My fingers were interlocked around my Baba s arm and my head was resting on his shoulders I was stealing a glimpse of his face every now and then, convinced that the lines of exhaustion were going to creep upto his tongue any moment, tendering me an apology to relieve him of our

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    Embers presents some of the loveliest, most elegant writing I have encountered this year At its core, however, it is an overlong ramble of a soliloquy that should have been reduced to a stunning short story It s an easy enough read, full of the philosophical queries and conclusions of its

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    Embers is a tale of heart breaking beauty The kind of beauty which is not apparent right at the onset but which makes its omnipresence felt as you keep turning the pages and reach that state of involvement with the narrative, where you cannot wait to feast your eyes and senses on another de

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    Embers is perfect I just cannot find anything not to like about this book It s a kind of book I have never quite read before It s a simple novel but will definitely stay in my memory for a long time To think that it sat there, gathering dust, in my bookshelves for than 2 years What a pity if I died

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    All that is left in the embers is ash, black ash, with the sheen of a mourning veil of watered silk Embers is the ideal title to summon up the melancholic decadence that soaks the pages of this intense but short novella Candles burn until they are totally consumed by the flickering nature of their essence, a

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    Two old men, one dimly lit room, and the past awakening That s pretty much the set up for S ndor M rai s intensely felt and solemn 1942 novel, which was originally titled Candles burn until the end in Hungary He has a growing popularity post death, due to his work, but also his troubled life, that is mirrored by Hungary s grave

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    We will talk these things through once , try to establish the truth and then go to our deaths, I in this house, you somewhere else My impression of Hungarian authors so far has been that they really know how to write dark and depressing gems Embers is just that, and possibly the saddest and loneliest little book I ve read in a w

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