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Deleted Scenes for Lovers Slaughter s powers seem to lie in darkness and description, she possesses a gift for elevating the most mundane of objects, settings or situations into something intimate, profound or disturbing and in some cases all three She forages and unearths some murky human truths, and she does so with a chilling accuracy In some sense many of these stories are like coming across a collection of blurry snapshots that you can t qui Deleted scenes for lovers is just exquisite I had sex with a hitchhiker down on the beach, because I couldn t bear to take him in the caravan When I started handselling deleted scenes for lovers to customers at the independent bookstore I manage, I would describe the opening story of Tracey Slaughter s shortfiction collection to customers by excitedly saying, well, there s this woman sleeping in the caravan that her partner committed suicide in Suicide Short Stories Enough to put off a reader exploring any further However, the first story, notes left on a window, is unexpectedly heartwarming and sets a strong tone for the rest of the collection Set mostly in a caravan park, the unnamed woman leading character draws on memories of her late partner as well as modestly interacting with the park s elderly woman custodian, who found his body Their gentle communication is beautifully expressed by the woman s description of the custodian, I would have reached out and touched the ridges of her cheek or knuckles, the streaks of scalp that shone through her hair, but she was too spry Slaughter was one of the first authors I turned to in a conscious endeavor to read New Zealand fiction Her characters are from those In the absence of time, this quote which has not left me stands in place of a review, and to illustrate Slaughter s intense, sensory writing Stoned, Blake lies back in the paddock, gapes at the veering of stars What the fuck is it with him tonight It s the farmhouse feel of the place might be a lifestyle block, but it still gave off that cabbage tree, offal pit, flannelette feel, still had the sound of windblown fence wire you could taste, that chilled tin tone that hummed along your childhood teeth And the dark was the real dark, the dark of the farm he grew up on, homelike freeze An incredible collection of short stories, each with a novel s worth of ideas inside them Some beg for re reading and reward the time spent by revealing and secrets Others are king hits, punching you in the head and leaving you gasping for air Slaughter uses language as though it is itself a c This is not a book to entertain lightly It s stories are dense and dark and demand the full attention of the reader It is not a book you can skim or read while listening to the radio The tightly packed sentences demand that you give your full attention or their power and weight are lost.These seventeen stories are as raw and gritty as they come and they tell of the real, slightly down at heal, back street, rough side of town, New Zealand that we see every day Perhaps we ignore it, pretend it isn t there or look the other way, but there is no ignoring these powerful tales.I liked their grittyness and their realism The rough edge of the sex which has little to do with love, but to do with urges and needs There is nothing sentimental in these pages, other than perhaps everyday items which are put to bad use, or commonplace items used to build a picture or an atmosphere.To be blunt they are not my favourites, but they are goo God how I love intimate books.This is series of intimate scenes that give you the hint, the smell and the sound of another s life.It is so private and personal it feels like betrayal to even talk about it. Love ya Tracey Wanted to give it five stars, but some stories simply worked better for me than others They were all great, of course But some were STUNNING Some felt like they could be better I only say that because it is so frustrating to see something that could be better than it is, with just a little time spent on it.Whatever They are incredible, essential, and thoroughly not of the mainstream discourse You shape that shit, my girl Keep shaping it Love your work Love your writing advice Goodreads seems to have wiped my review clean of words, which is a shame as I had meticulously chosen quotes in an effort to make this book even persuasively readable.I ll just have to bullet point what I remember of my previous review, then NZ Cultural Cringe is bad look it up, it s a thing, I m guilty of it This was one of my first attempts to break the Cultural Cringe I m guilty of after the amazingness of The Chimes This book is really very good NZ authors should be read by people Deleted Scenes is raw, gritty, visceral, ordinary in the very best sense of the w The Knowledge Of Everyone They Re About To Hurt Is Not An Element Easy To Breathe In They Re The Lovers You Can Blame Them Now, If You Want To That S Your Choice This Is The Director S Cut Seventeen Powerful Stories Of Contemporary New Zealand Life From A Writer Whose Penetrating Gaze Reveals The Full Experience Of Her Characters Lives Tragic, Comic, Rich.Cover Image Ali Ikram, Pink Soft Top

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Deleted Scenes for Lovers book, this is one of the most wanted Tracey Slaughter author readers around the world.

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