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Happy Family This was a very filthy taboo read and I loved every page of it Not for the average reader but one with an open mind and takes things in stride. My first Yaoi romance and my first book by the author, a book of first s as it is This book was recommended to me by the lovely Shin Mon.As my first Yaoi romance, erotica as it was in this book, I don t really know the nuances to it, so i m a poo Don t tell me this is unrealistic this is yaoi so it s just this way I loved this book truly hot and captivating the only downside is I don t like Akimi being called boy cunt sometimes it s an ass it should be a delicious ass not delicious bo OOPardon me, is there boy pussy to be found here twirls Hot but somewhat disturbing I don t know what else to call it and I didn t think I would ever say this, but it was almost too much for me.Uhm yeah Well, see for yourself Each withdrawal was accompanied by the slurpy sound of suction breaking and each rough penetration drove the air back out with a wet farting squelch Fuck yeah, fart on my cock baby The moment the tremendous cocks stoppering him up were gone, his gaping sex began farting thick, chunky blobs of cum It splattered wetly all over the couch and floor like he had explosive diarrhea, except that it was thick creamy semen but at this point his sphincter was like a deflated rubber balloo I ve been stepping outside of my reading box lately, actively seeking out books that are different for me Happy Family A Polyamorous Yaoi Romance is one of those I m not rating it because I don t usually read Yaoi and it wouldn t be fair for me to throw a rating out there when it s not my usual genre And honestly, I don t think I could come up with a rating for this if I tried.This book is nothing but sex I mean, lots and lots of sex Every page is sex.Akimi and Endo, both Japanese, meet in Paris After a whirlwind courtship a week they get married and move to Endo s home in Japan Endo s father and sons also live with him Poor Akimi just wants the family to love him Sadly, they re rude and make a point in leaving the room when he walks in He does everything imaginable to try to please them He cooks nice meals He cleans He tries to engage them in conversation Nothing works When Endo goes on a business trip to America Akimi s at his wits end He calls his husband on a video chat and cries his eyes out because his family doesn t love him Endo assures his young hubby that he is loved by his family After reassuring Akimi, Endo hangs up and calls his father and sons It turns out that they do love Akimi They just love him too much and have a hard time keeping their hands and other body parts away from him After being given the Can you say taboo 3 stars story4.5 stars kink factor2 stars for the family kink my opinion This book is so taboo It took me by surprise Insta love and insta marriage all in one story and then she goes and throws in the whole crazy sex fuele That was a delicious read One big loving orgy, detailed described and VERY steamy Delicious limitless filthy with a capital F The mc s and myself had multiple orgasms because holy moly a pretty impressive piece of workA very horny, joyful, happy Yaoi read I don t care if parts were unrealistic This is Yaoi served up on a hot erotic platter It hit the spot perfectly I m definitely getting a taste for this author s style. PDF Epub Happy Family Amelita Rae Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us After A Whirlwind Romance In Paris And A Wedding On Top Of The Eiffel Tower, Akimi And His New Husband Return To Tokyo Though His Husband S Family Starts Out Rather Cold To Him, The Young Housewife Is Determined To Make Them Fall In Love With Him Unbeknownst To Him, He Is A Little Too Successful In This Endeavor When He Realizes How His New Family Feels About Him, How Far Will The Sweet Natured Boy Be Willing To Go To Make Everyone Happy This Is A Fun, Filthy Romp That Stretches The Limits Of Male On Male Romance And The Uke S Anatomy Please Enjoy Responsibly 35,000 Words

About the Author: Amelita Rae

Amelita Rae took a wrong turn on the internet one day All the innocent young lass wanted to do was watch funny cat videos, but then she discovered Boy s Love and that was the end of any worthwhile contribution she might have otherwise made to the world She now spends most of her time writing filthy smut that she tries to frame with farfetched plots and deranged characters, but don t be fooled by

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